Remember their favorite toys

When my oldest was a toddler, he loved owls. He’d tell us he had an “owl fascination.” He had a snowy owl that he slept with every night. One of those that if it were lost the world would stop until we found it so bedtime could continue. Then one day all at once, snowy owl dropped off the radar to be replaced by a Baby T-Rex.

When we took my middle son to the carousel for the first time, he rode a panda and then afterward picked out a little stuffed panda bear. Since he has developed a love of pandas; we just had a three year panda birthday party even! He still sleeps with his little panda, takes it on adventures with us and the world stops when the panda cannot be found. One day, too, the little panda will likely drop off the radar to be replaced by something new, perhaps his own Baby T-Rex.

My youngest has his own Baby T-Rex compliments of my sister, but is too little to know just yet what might be his beloved, world-stopping lovey. He is sure to have one. We all do, right? Years later when we discover them stashed away in a box in an attic or under a bed, instantly they take us back to sweet childhood. Many of the toys from childhood are lost as we become adults. Too busy for our worlds to stop and find them, and yet so rich in memories.

As parents, I encourage you to include these favorite little loveys in photographs. Add them to your photo books, leave them clutched in little hands when you have professional portraits taken. Years later, your kiddos will look back at these images and be reminded of first loves and sweet childhood moments.


  1. Joey says

    Great ideas Jessi, as always! What a great way to remember what their favorite toys were. I remember my nephew (now 15) was huge into T-Rex’s and all the dinasours. He knew them all and all of their names. One day we were shopping when he was little and he found this red T-rex that he always had and as he got older I would still see it porudly displayed in his room. Now I can’t get in his door with all the stuff a teenages has. My other nephew and nieces have toys that often get hidden in boxes, and when they pull the out its like they have found a lost toy. my parents kept all of our Fisher Price little people and homes etc. It is fun to look back and capture those memories that we had as a child! Its real fun that the kids enjoy playing with toys that we did when we were young.
    PS: Love the T-rex picture

  2. BarbaraJ says

    This is such a good idea! I have included a few in books but really will think about it on my next book. Thank you for your ideas.

  3. angies5 says

    Such a good idea. Isn’t it funny how attached they become to certain things. My son is the same way with “Bobo” the bear. My daughter though, will be five in August and has not once had an attachement to anything. Is that strange?
    I have seen several great photobooks created from this same theme…taking the beloved toy or stuffed animal and capturing the two of them together doing many things and then creating a keepsake book. I think I will have to make this my next project. Thanks for sharing.

  4. jennyjo.maldonado says

    i had a bear that still to this day lives on my bed.. when im not in bed my husband will hug him :) he is old and flat and his fur is matted lol my daughter has a favorite bear shes had since she was six months old and instantly became her lovey and my son has a blanket that i made that goes everywhere! they are in LOTS of pics..they (age 7 and 3) even set up photo shoots with the bear and the blankie lol i love this idea!!! i love seeing pics of my beloved bear in his prime. all fully and new looking :) thanks for shareing

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