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Holiday card photos can be quick and beautiful

Posted By Rachel B On October 18, 2009 @ 7:00 am In Photo Tips | 4 Comments

The holidays are right around the corner and I haven’t thought about this year’s holiday card [1] photo yet. I’m not panicking though, because I’m the queen of short cuts and have a few EASY tricks up my sleeve for quick beautiful shots.

No studio needed
Forget the fancy portrait studio. Just remember these lighting tips. If you’re shooting indoors let natural light flood your space instead of using flash (flash makes everything look cold and gives people red-eye). If you’re shooting outdoors, flash is encouraged. That extra burst of light helps even out shadows. And wherever you’re shooting, be sure the main light source is behind the photographer.

Stirling Star 5×7 Photo Card

Don’t go shopping
I know you want to go out and purchase matching outfits for your family portrait, but why waste time and money when you know you’ve got something great looking at home. Just wear colors that complement each other and try to avoid too many busy patterns.

Twinkle Flakes Scarlet Holiday 5×7 Folded Card [2]

Get fun, candid, and close
No need to get all formal for your portrait—parents can sit and kids can stand, make a pyramid, or get a fun shot of everyone trying to make a pyramid. Also shoot between shots to capture candid, fun and unexpected moments.  Best of all, try some close-ups of kids or pets. There’s nothing cuter!

Stylish Snowflakes Black Holiday Card [2]

Everyone included
Make sure you get in the shot too by asking a friend or neighbor to take some of the photos for you. You can even return the favor for their holiday card.

Yule Bough 5×7 photo card [2]

No perfect photo? No problem!
I’ve saved the best shortcut for last. Let’s say you don’t even have time for a do-it-yourself photo shoot. Or you couldn’t get the perfect group shot. No worries! Use a collage card and insert images you already have, or insert several from your photo shoot!

Cheery Year Powder 5×7 stationery card [2]

Got any Christmas cards [3] or holiday card photo tips up your sleeve? Share them here. We welcome your input!


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