A meaningful Mother’s Day – there’s still time!

Wait a minute, I haven’t even eaten my Easter eggs, and Mother’s Day is already here? Plans for Mom’s meaningful gift are ruined now, because there’s no time left to make anything personalized. All I can do is type a lame little email wishing Mom a nice day, and that won’t make me look (or feel!) good in the daughter department, people!

Refusing to give in, I check out Shutterfly’s shipping guidelines (can I salvage this time crunch?), and find that my gift dreams may not be dashed after all. Shutterfly has plenty of last-minute options to make Mother’s Day meaningful.

Photo book – yes, I can still put together a beautiful photo book for Mom using images I already have. Deborah H shares great ideas on making it simple and meaningful. Simple Path will also help make the process super smooth and fast, because it instantly makes the book for me. I have until Sunday, May 1 to get mine made and ordered in time for standard shipping.

Calendar – easy to put together, and super special for my mom. Again, I can feature family photos I already have, and add simple quotes telling mom how much we love her. I can even personalize special calendar days by adding photos and text. The calendar can be 12 months or 18 months long and I can start with any month I like. I have until Thursay, April 28 to get mine made and ordered in time for standard shipping.

Personalized notepads – so easy and beautiful. I know Mom will love seeing her name featured in elegant script, and will appreciate the beautiful design. Every note she writes will feel special. Even better, it takes just 5 minutes to make and order. I need to get these out Wednesday, April 27 for delivery via standard shipping.

Personalized calling cards – another 5-minute gift for mom that will make her feel special. She’ll love the design and the personal touch. I need to order these Wednesday, April 27 for delivery via standard shipping.

Personalized card – A personalized Mother’s Day card, of course! It’s a 5-minute process and will brighten her day even more because I will personalize it with photos and words. I need to order her card by Thursday, April 28.

What’s your favorite Shutterfly gift for Mother’s Day? Let me know by leaving a comment on this article.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    Great article, I have already told my kids to load their photos to my shutterfly and we are making a book from all of us. This will make her so happy because, she has always love our books. This will be a joint effort. Happy Mother’s day all.

  2. Joey says

    Great ideas Rachel! I can’t believe Mother’s Day is coming up so fast either.
    Barb, your idea sounds like such a fun project that I know your mom will love.
    My mom is a bit difficult to buy for. I recently enlarged a flower photo and had it framed. I asked my mom if she would like something like that and she did, but would prefer one of the 4 grandkids. Over Easter weekend i had just a couple minutes to snap some photos of the kids. Its not the ‘best’ photo, but now she can swap that photo out when the kids keep growing and when i can get all 4 together again. I ordered Mother’s Day cards today.
    Thanks for the tips and shipping guidlines!

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