The story behind the photo – a rocker’s journey

by Rachel B Posted on April 27, 2011

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Shutterfly member Tammy C. is the grand prize winner of our “What was I thinking?” contest. Her winning photo? This rock-out picture of her husband promoting his 80s band. We loved this photo so much we asked Tammy to tell the story behind it.


Shutterfly: How did you discover Shutterfly and how do you use our service?
Tammy: My daughter created a photo book of her graduation trip for me in 2006. Been a fan every since. I have made recipe books as gifts, as well as scrapbooks. We do a Christmas card every year, and most recently I purchased “save the dates” and bridal shower invitations for our oldest daughter.

Shutterfly: Where was this photo taken? What was it for?
Tammy: The photo was taken under a railroad tressle in Indianapolis. It was a promotional picture for an album Mike was working on.

Shutterfly: Who took the photo?
Tammy: A friend of Mike’s, Dennis Eikenberry.

Shutterfly: How did you and your husband meet?
Tammy: Honestly, my oldest daughter and I were “willed” to him 23 years ago. He was my first husband’s best friend. When my first husband passed away in a car accident he promised to take care of  “that baby girl”, referring to my daughter. He’s never left our side. Yep – he is an AWESOME GUY and a keeper!

Shutterfly: Tell us your favorite rock-n-roll memory
Tammy: My favorite is anytime he pulls out a guitar. My knees still go weak. Mike’s personal favorite memories are much cooler – he has “partied” with Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Kip Winger, Eric Singer, Judas Priest and opened for the Greg Kihn Band back in the early ’80’s.

Shutterfly: Were you in the band?
Tammy: Oh no, I couldn’t carry a tune in a paperbag and my youngest daughter won’t even let me “tour” with her on ‘Rock Band’ because she loses fans and money!

Shutterfly: Does your husband still rock out?
Tammy: Absolutely, he has a sweet red guitar…I call it the “save the marriage guitar”. Anytime he knows he has aggravated me – out comes the red guitar and his rendition of Michael Stanley’s “Lover.”  His last big performance was at a PTA fund raising event with 1700 people. Me and my PTA Board teased that we were going to throw our panties on the stage just to watch him blush!

Shutterfly: Does your husband still wear a mustache?
Tammy: Oh YEAH! Now he sports the Seattle Goatee.

Shutterfly: Where is the rock and roll outfit from the photo? Do you still have it?
Tammy: No. He still gives me grief for pitching this outfit, parachute pants, and leg warmers years ago. He still rocks that heavy metal leather jacket!

Shutterfly: Where is this photo now?
Tammy: Oh – it gets high visibility. I have it on my checks – the printer initially refused to print them because “you can’t print a picture of a celebrity unless you are in the pic.” After lots of chuckles, explaining he was a celebrity in his own mind only, I now have him on all of my checks. Shutterfly also did a poster size print I had framed as well. We’ve proudly displayed it!  It’s a great conversation piece.

Shuttefly: So what was he thinking?
Tammy: He was thinking that he really hoped it (the music and photo) would pay off! Today, this rock and roll dude is a VP for a Fortune Five Hundred Company, the father of three and is in the final stages of earning his Ph. D. I can absolutely guarantee you that was not on his radar at the time.

It’s been a pleasure sharing some great memories with you! Thanks so much!

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Where's my photo?
  1. Joey Says:

    How awesome is this photo and the story behind it. I loved reading this – awesome idea.
    I LOVE how Tammy tried to put the picture on her checks and they wouldn’t let her use a ‘celebrity’ photo! Thats funny and i bet it made her husband feel awesome cool! I love how they met.
    I like this idea of sharing the story behind a photo

  2. Joey Says:

    PS: Congrats on being the grand prize winner!

  3. AnnAbbott Says:

    I have to say … I love your photo…and 2nd… I was a rock and roll 80’s gal too. My husband sang heavy metal with his guitarist brother at the time I met him.
    25 years and a masters degree in vocal performance later, he still sings and now plays guitar every night in our home. Love your story….

  4. Jean B Says:

    Tammy, Congrats on being the big winner!! Loved your stories and the picture too!!
    Rock On Shutterfly!! :0)

  5. amanda Says:

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