The story behind the photo – a misleading dress

Shutterfly member Shannon R. is the first runner up in our “What was I thinking?” contest. Her winning photo? This nostalgic (and misleading!) wedding shot. We loved the photo so much we asked her to tell the story behind it.


Shutterfly: How did you discover Shutterfly and how do you use the service?
Shannon: I was originally a member of a photo service through another company. One day I received an email stating they were discontinuing their service and offered a variety of other photo sites. Lucky for me I choose the correct one and selected Shutterfly on a whim. I love Shutterfly and am not sure what I would be doing with my photos right now if I had not happened upon you! I first just used it for my photo storage, then discovered the wonderful Share sites that would allow me to share my photos with family members who lived in other states. One day I decided to check out what products (i.e books, mugs, etc) Shutterfly offered, and wouldn’t you know it I found so many things my wallet started to get a little thin…LOL! I love making photo books and just know they will last a lifetime. No more photos falling out of old fashion albums or better yet not developing the pictures that have been taken at all. I have ordered a variety of products over the years and love them all.

Shutterfly: Did you like your dress at the time?
Shannon: Yeah loved it, felt so grown up and the gloves we wore with them were our favorite! It was so much fun dressing up and being in my mothers wedding.

Shutterfly: Did someone make the dress for you?
Shannon: Yes, my mom and one of her friends made both my dress and my sister’s dress (I bet my mom still has them hanging in her closets…seriously she has my brothers tux that my son just wore recently….LOL)

Shutterfly: What did you think of grandma’s dress at the time?
Shannon: At the time, she was the most beautiful thing going. My gram is my favorite person in the world and whatever she wore made her look like the most magnificent person!

Shutterfly: What do you think of grandma’s dress today?
Shannon: When this contest came up I was looking through the photo book my mom made me for Christmas and the second I laid my eyes on this picture I knew I had to enter it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I seriously thought I was having double vision until I realized I wasn’t looking at her humongous bosom but the jacket to her dress. I called my gram to tell her the picture was first runner up and she just laughed hysterically!

Shutterfly: How was the wedding?
Shannon: I remember parts here and there, but the parts I vividly remember are the beautiful church window they had their picture taken in front of, my mom’s large wedding hat, and the great outfits my sister, brother and myself got to wear that day. To think now how great we all thought we looked that day….tee hee hee!

Shutterfly: Where is this photo now?
Shannon: For a while it was actually both mine and my sister’s Facebook profile picture! Today the original picture is in an old fashion photo album which my mom is scanning so she can make Shutterfly photo books. My mom did create a photo book for me for Christmas 2010 which had that picture in it (it is a family favorite).

Shutterfly: What were you thinking (when this photo was taken)?
Shannon: Well from the look on my face…lets get this picture over with…LOL! Or at the time it may have been, does my sister have to be in the picture with me and grandma!


  1. Joey says

    This is hysterical and so much fun to read the story behind the photo! I didn’t realize Grandma had a jacket on until you said so, – I always thought she was just extra large in that department. I like what you said when Shutterfly asked what were YOU thinking when this photo was taken. LOVE this!! Too fun!

  2. angies5 says

    What memories! This photo is so great too. I love that the dresses were handmade. Congrats on the photo entry too!

  3. says

    Hilarious!! I love these type of shots. I have some similar, but mine are tightrolled jeans and mega crunchy perm hair with the tumbleweed bangs. Congrats Shannon!!

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