The story behind the photo – babe magnet

Shutterfly member Tania P. is the second runner up in our “What was I thinking?” contest. Her winning photo? This picture of her husband (before he was married of course) and his “babe magnet” car. We loved this photo so much we asked Tania to tell the story behind it.


Shutterfly: How did you discover Shutterfly and how do you use the service?
Tania: I was using another service and was unhappy that I couldn’t share slideshows and pics with people who didn’t have accounts. When I found Shutterfly, it was exactly what I was looking for. I love the photo books & prints and I use the personal Share site to send a “green” Christmas newsletter each year to friends and family. It makes it so easy for people to see an overview of our year in the albums, slideshows and videos that I can put on the site.

Shutterfly: Who took the photo?
Tania: In 1981, a “friend” of his who was practicing photography.

Shutterfly: Tell us the story about the famous cake.
Tania: I was 6 months pregnant with twins and friends helped me plan his surprise party. We actually combined it with a Y2K New Years party. We made him run out to pick up something at the supermarket and when he came back in we had redecorated for the big 4-0 and surprised him with the cake he will never forget.

Shutterfly: Did you meet your husband when he owned his hot rod?
Tania: Yes, in 1987 he drove by me in it and flashed a smile. The rest is history.

Shutterfly: What happened to the car?
Tania: He sold it to his cousin. Haven’t seen it since.

Shutterfly: What car does he drive now?
Tania: His work van. A Chevy Express 3500.

Shutterfly: Does he button his shirt up all the way now?
Tania: Thankfully yes.

Shutterfly: Where is this photo now?
Tania: Framed and hanging in the basement near the dart board. The kids like to show their friends.

Shutterfly: So what was he thinking?
Tania: Okay, he said he doesn’t remember, but I imagine he was thinking…”I AM a babe magnet!”


  1. Joey says

    This photo of Tania’s husband is classic! Oh my gosh, I love it. I think I voted for this one too. I like the part where Shutterfly asked if he buttons his shirt up all the way and Tania says, Thankfully YES! I love the birthday cake. He was a stud and such a great family picture! Love reading about the winners. Congrats Tania!

  2. says

    Love the Photo!!! So cool! Isnt that was the 80’s all about. I dont think there was a decade yet where having so much fun was what it was all about.
    Great interview…. :)

  3. says

    My brothers were in this exact same cool guy era. The feathered hair and the cool sports car. Love it. I was there and living it and I’m pretty sure we have a number of pics that would make either of them say, “What was I thinking?”

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