Photos of reflections

Are photos showing reflections an option you think about when shooting? If not, I hope the following examples will inspire you to find new ways to create exciting photography.

Lake Louise, in Alberta, Canada is one of the most photographed lakes in the world. I took pictures at three different times of day and this, in a late, fall afternoon, was the best. Because of the powerful subject, I used the middle to separate, rather than adopting the “Rule of thirds”. Remember that all “rules” can be broken and often will result in a more effective photo.

When you visit The Netherlands, a stop at Madurodam Park near The Hague is a must. I stepped up close to this reflective building and shot away. You may not get to The Netherlands, but there are probably similar places near you where you can take interesting pictures of yourself or others.

This fountain is just a few steps away from my home and, of all the shots of it I have taken, I like this off-center photo best, with a bit of framing from the trees. My tip to you, when taking a similar photo, is to shoot from a lot of different positions and with many different exposures.

I was walking from the railroad station to Lake Michigan in Chicago, when I saw these amazing patterns on a skyscraper that was reflecting other skyscrapers. My advice when shooting something like this is still the same — lots of exposures and from different positions. You might have to wait for a red light so there are no cars in the way.

Last example I’ll show you is what I call a WOW photo, taken by my wife, Diane, when she was in London last year. The glass, above the flowers, shows the buildings in back of where she was standing. It proves to me that, when in a new surrounding, you should take your time when shooting because you may never get back to that place.

I hope I’ve inspired you to be thinking “Reflections” when you use your camera next time.



  1. BarbaraJ says

    I love the reflection photos in the lake and on glass buildings. I have the same photo of Lake Louise. Great article. bj

  2. Joey says

    I love reflectin photos and your examples are perfect. Thank you for sharing this article and inspiring me to look for reflections when i shoot!

  3. says

    I worked on getting water reflections on my last vacation with lights on buildings at night. They look fab in black and white. Mirror reflections are another of my favorites. I take them of myself while on vacation or a special event to prove the photographer mom was there too.

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