Honor your grown child with a photo book

The Shutterfly Photo Book Gallery is full of beautiful books depicting the everyday lives of little ones, with adorable images of small children playing, running, laughing, crying, spilling, and making all sorts of cute faces. What’s not to love? I always enjoy viewing these books. But what about when the kids get older?

This morning I came across a photo book that made me do a double-take. The description read “This is a book I made for my son Cory for his 31st birthday”, and on the cover was a grown man. Cininhouston, the author, takes us through the whole journey, from Cory’s baby pictures, through childhood and family images, the teen and young adult years, ending with Cory and his own family. I loved traveling through time with Cory – seeing this tiny baby grow into an adult, with babies and children of his own.

My little girl by Lori168 is another favorite of mine. Lori lovingly documents her daughter’s journey from birth to graduation, featuring lots of fun memories and captions. This is the perfect gift for Lori’s daughter to take with her when she goes off to college.

If you have grown children, I encourage you to create photo books honoring their journeys. They make meaningful keepsakes, and are a beautiful way to relive the special memories that are important to you both. How would you make a photo book honoring your grown child’s journey? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. Earl J says

    This is a terrific idea for a photo book. It’s so much better than a shoe-box filled with dog-eared pictures..

  2. Joey says

    I, too, love these types of books where you can literally see a person as a baby to the adult they now are with children of their own. These are really great ideas for books. My nephew only has a few more years before he graduates from HS, i might do this!!

  3. BarbaraJ says

    Rachel, what a wonderful idea. I have been so busy with grandkids that I never made a book for my children. Great idea, good for Mother’s day also.

  4. says

    I dont want to admit it, but I am coming closer to making my first you are a grown up book. Still years off, my 10 year old is heading off to middle school next year and I am ready to wrap up her elementary school years in a photo book soon. To think she is going to graduate an head off to college is too much for me to think about right now….sniff.

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