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Tips on How to Create a Tribute Card

Posted By Lynn Isenberg On May 2, 2011 @ 7:00 am In Family | 3 Comments

Creating a Tribute Card [1] is a wonderful gift. It’s an opportunity to support someone who is experiencing loss. The key to creating a tribute card is to:

1. Focus on the essence of the person or pet who has passed away and the joy that emanated from them to others.

2. Choose one word that defines their essence. For example, “funny”, “kind,” “gentle,” “sweet”, “loving”, “thoughtful,” “creative,” “inventive,” etc.

3. Share a story that includes the essence defined above. Ask yourself:

a. What was it about this person or pet that I admired most?
b. What was it about this person or pet that made me smile?
c. What was it about this person or pet that inspired me to be a better person?
d. What was it about this person or pet that contributed to my appreciation of life?

4. Share an image that represents the essence defined above. For example, if they were always smiling and upbeat, then a photo of their smile. If they loved the theatre, then include a photo of Broadway. If they loved to cook, add a photo of a chef’s hat. If they loved The Beatles, include the lyrics from their favorite Beatles’ song. If they loved summer thunderstorms, add a comment about that, too.

5. Remember that a tribute card can help transform energy around mourning a death to celebrating a life!

A tribute card is a special creation of heartfelt thoughts and pictures carefully blended together to honor the people, pets, and experiences that make us who we are and that give us reason to acknowledge others for their positive contributions.  To Life!

By Author-Brand Strategist & Tribute Expert Lynn Isenberg, “The Funeral Planner” trilogy book series and digital series featuring Joss Stone, and founder of www.TheTributeNetwork.com [2]

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