Birthday wishes

Shutterfly recently launched a new assortment of cards and stationery that is beautifully designed for all of life’s celebrations. There is a lot to look through including birth announcements, personalized stationery gifts, and thank you cards, but I’m most excited about our new assortment of birthday invitations.

The invitations are organized for babies, girls, boys, teens, and adults, so whatever your age I’ll bet there’s a birthday invitation that is appropriate to help you celebrate. As I enjoyed these fun and festive new designs, I also looked at Shutterfly’s Photo Book Gallery for some photo books, commemorating birthday celebrations. Some of my recent favorite finds are below.

Birthday by karenM5140 is a colorful and energetic account of Olivia’s 2nd birthday. I loved how the photos were spontaneous and not posed (check out the cover shot and the inside cake photos), but cropped and edited made a very sweet story.

Flynns 2nd birthday by RebeccaW561 is a second birthday celebrated by visiting a local steam train and park. I like the black and white photos and the details she captures of the train and station.

Finally, Logans third birthday by ShelbyM127 is the chronicle of a full weekend’s worth of adventures as a family. Time is taken for the posed photos, but most of the pictures chronicle a couple of very busy days. My favorite shot is Logan asleep in the car seat after the game!


  1. TonetteB says

    I’m super excited to see the new card and invitation designs! I love these adorable birthday photobooks you picked! They are super cute and some of my favorite birthday ones in the gallery as well. Its fun to check them out again! :)

  2. BarbaraJ says

    I am also excited to see all the new cards. It is time to stock up for this year. I love the article and the books are precious. Thank you for such a great article.

  3. Joey says

    I was looking for a birthday card for my sister-in-law in the Shutterfly Store (of course) and came across some REALLY cute and fun new designs, plus I saw my friends granddaughter on a few of them. Too fun!! I can’t wait to get them. Everyone loves receiving a Shutterfly card! I made invites for my sisters 40th last summer, i may have to do the same for my brother-in-law!
    I’ll check the books you suggested

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