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Is your child graduating this year? Are you graduating? If so, you’ve probably been asking yourself these earth-shaking questions: should I announce the graduation? If so, who do I tell and how do I tell them? Can’t I just email the announcement?

I love our Stylish Green Graduation Announcement. Its classic
beautiful design lets your photo be the hero. Plus there’s room
inside for more photos and text.

You COULD email the announcement, but you probably want to honor this important milestone with something special, a personalized keepsake your friends and family will appreciate. May I suggest a stunning graduation announcement from our new 2011 collection?

I thought you might like that.

To help make your announcement process super easy, here are a few thoughts, along with some of my favorite new announcement designs.

1. Should I announce the graduation?
Absolutely. Graduations only happen a few times in one’s life, and they should be celebrated. Honor your graduate.

2. To whom should I send the announcements?
Just to be clear, we’re talking about announcements, not invites. Announcements should be sent to all of the important people in your life, while invitations should only be sent to those you would like to attend the ceremony.

This gorgeous Burgundy Border Graduation Announcement is ideal for that winning
black and white photo. Really makes the image pop.

3. What do I include in the announcement?

Photo – since we’re talking about photo announcements, you definitely want to include a picture. More on that later.
Date time place
– you also want to include where he or she is graduating from and if possible the date and time of graduation.
– be sure to highlight the year of the graduating class.
– if it’s a college graduation, you can include information about their degree (i.e. Bachelor of Science).
Honors/special mentions
– if they received honors or accomplished something special, definitely include that information too.
Continuing – if they are continuing their education, include the name of the next school/educational institution.

The Class Shots Green Graduation Announcement lets you feature a
montage of several photos. Perfect if you can’t decide on just one shot.

4. What about the photo?

Make sure you love it – make sure your graduate (especially if he or she is beyond kindergarten) approves of the photo. This is probably the most important advice I can give you.
More can be better – if you can’t decide on the best shot, or feel like you don’t have that ultimate winning photo, or want to show many aspects of your graduate’s life, multiple photos in one card is the way to go.
The new senior portrait – graduation photo sessions with professional photographers are really big right now. And if you want something extra special this might be the best option for you. Take a look at these examples for inspiration.
Do it yourself – if you don’t want to spend extra money for a professional senior portrait session, ask a friend or family member who is good with a camera. For best results, we suggest you go outside – natural lighting will give you the best results.

Our Top Five Blue Graduation Announcement is one of my personal
favorites, because your grad can easily share the
year’s highlights
in his or her own words (and photos of course).

5. Does my child’s Kindergarten graduation count?
Yes! Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Junior High School graduates deserve to be recognized too. Celebrate your child’s accomplishments with an announcement. It will get them more excited about the school experience, and will make a special keepsake for you, your friends and family. People you care about also care about you, and they want to share your family milestones.


  1. Joey says

    I love the burgundy border announcements. I love that students send out announcements and I think they should. Lots of fun new cards. i didn’t think I knew anyone graduating but I keep getting announcements. If i were in charge of their announcements, i for sure would have used Shutterfly. Such great quality.
    I love celebrating the younger children as they move on from kindergarten or grade school etc.
    Great tips

  2. says

    No BIG…graduations for our family this year, just some mile stone stepping ups. My oldest daughter will be leaving elementary school for middle school and my baby daughter will be moving on from preschool to kindergarten. I know high school graduation wont be far off.

  3. BarbaraJ says

    These graduation announcements are awesome. I have a photo shoot with some grads and must give them this link. Thank you for reminding us. I love this special time for young people!

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