A surprise visit

I will always keep my camera close by my side.

On October 25th at 7 a.m., I was drinking a cup of coffee and looking at the reflections of the morning sun on the cedar and pine trees up the hill. Something beautiful caught my eye. I could not stop looking at the glistening in the trees.

What a wonderful surprise. It was thousands of Monarch butterflies hanging in the trees! With my PJ’s on and my camera in my hand, I ran up the steep hill and could barely get my breath. As I approached the beautiful golden butterflies, I could not hold the camera steady for breathing so hard.

What a sight. Some butterflies still had their wings closed, others open, and the rest were flying across the lake heading for Mexico.

Always have your camera ready to capture magical surprises, because they can happen at any time or any place.

I will never forget this experience as they flew all around my head on that October morning. I stood there all alone except for the Monarchs and I thought this must be heaven. It was just magical!

Keeping my camera in my hands,


Proud to be a Shutterfly member

P. S. The Monarchs are now on the endangered list. The forests in Mexico are depleted for a source of income. We can help by planting Butterfly Weed to help maintain the growth of our precious Monarchs.

What magical moment have you captured with your camera? Let me know by commenting on this article. I would love to hear yours story.


  1. Earl J says

    A great story with beautiful pictures. How true, keep a camera near-by — that’s why I bought a pocket-sized camera too.

  2. Joey says

    Barb, I love the way you told your story. I think I would have been shaking too seeing so many butterflies at once. What a magical experience for sure and your photos are so crisp and for sure tell the story of a magical day.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Joey says

    oh and i always have my camera with too!! I should buy a pocket size one that doesn’t use batteries. I ran through so many of those!

  4. says

    Amazing images! I wish I had been there with you! I would like to think one of these beautiful Monarch’s made it to your house from mine in Indiana.

    What an amazing site this must of been and what a gift from God!

    Thank you for sharing! I hope you get to see it again this year!

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