Aunts Uncles and Godparents

Did you know June 5 is National Godparents Day? And July 26 is rumored to be National Aunts and Uncles Day? Not that I’m hinting or anything, but from personal experience, aunts, uncles, and godparents LOVE to receive a little Shutterfly. It doesn’t take much, really! A quick card or photo book featuring nieces, nephews, godsons or goddaughters makes our day, our week, our year.

From a proud aunt’s point of view, here’s what I think would make an aunt, uncle or godparent do a Shutterfly happy dance.

The perfect card

Shutterfly’s Thinking Of You Cards are perfect for aunts uncles and godparents. I guarantee we will immediately tack the card onto our refrigerators and point it out to everyone who visits. We will also look at it every day and smile.

My personal favorite is the Dream Sketch 5×7 folded card. I love that I can see a large image of my niece and nephews on the outside and a personal note on the inside. I also can’t get enough of that whimsical “Dream” font. If whimsy isn’t your thing, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

The perfect photo book

Photo books are the ultimate keepsakes for aunts uncles and godparent. We appreciate them just as much a grandparents. And Shutterfly’s All NEW Custom Path lets you make our photo books in a snap. I personally love the “Good Times” backgrounds in the Everyday style, because of the playful embellishments, but if playful isn’t your thing, we have loads of styles and backgrounds to choose from.

If you haven’t heard of our All NEW Custom Path, I encourage you to check it out. This new tool makes it super easy to make your book just the way you want.

The book doesn’t need to be fancy. Just use photos you already have along with a few simple sentiments. I guarantee we’ll display it on the coffee table and look at it again and again.

If you need some inspiration, here are a few of my favorites from Shutterfly’s Photo Book Gallery.

Kilmeny2 – Cassandra S made a beautiful photo book for aunts and uncles, featuring photos of her daughter. No words, just pictures

Summer with Sophie and Nonnie – Ruthann d made a book about her daughter’s visit to Aunt Nonnie’s. Filled with photos and a few captions. Easy to make and sure to be treasured

Luella – simple but so special. Amanda W made this book for Aunt Luella featuring family photos and a few sweet words

The perfect gifts

Sterling Necklace – I just saw one of my colleagues wearing hers, and now I want one for myself. The locket featuring my nephew’s little face would be precious!

Photo mug – quick to make and you know we’ll be drinking our coffee and tea from it every day

Are you an aunt, uncle or godparent? What Shutterfly gift would make your day? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. TonetteB says

    I totally agree that aunts, uncles, & godparents would love a little Shutterfly! I had no idea June 5th was National Godparents Day and that July 26 is rumored to be National Aunt and Uncles Day! What a super fun article!
    I would love to get a Shutterfly creation like card, mug, photobook, magnet, luggage tag, desk organizer, mousepad, wall plaques, desk top plaques, calendars, etc. from my godchildren, nieces, or nephews! I make all of these kind of gifts for them and make ones for myself with their photos but it would be nice to get one as a gift with special photos of a niece, nephew, or godchild that they helped pick out as a gift for me! :)

  2. BarbaraJ says

    This is a great article. I agree our family and godparents are so important to each of us. In fact, we have so much to offer our Shutterfly fans. Thank you for the ideas.

  3. says

    I grew up with loving Aunts who were incredible women. My favorite Aunt never married and loved me like her own. After my mother died, she was there every step of the way after. She was a grandma to my kids the way my mother would have been. I spoiled her all the time with Shutterfly gifts and I knew she loved it. She pasted over two years ago and I miss sending her gifts with the pictures of my kids on.

  4. Joey says

    As an aunt an Godmother, i would so LOVE anythiing Shutterfly from my little (well not so little anymore – nieces and nephews!) A card, a mug, a mouse-pad, desktop plaque, necklace, the list goes on. BUT because I take the majority of the pictures, I usually do it myself. I like when they draw me pictures etc.
    I know my uncle and aunts sure loved the small 7×9 photobook i made them. I plan to do the same for my uncle after we do the 5k on May 20th. I’m hoping my aunt will get lots of pictures. She said if my camera doesn’t work for her, she’ll use hers. I have also sent my aunt in Denver a 5×7 desktop frame from when she was last here.

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