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I want to whip up a stunning All New Custom Path photo book about our recent family trip to Mexico, but am facing a creative challenge. You know what I mean…what backgrounds will show off my pictures? What layouts can I use to tell my best story? Those embellishments look beautiful but where do I put them?

I clearly need inspiration.

Luckily we just launched the All New Custom Path Share site where I can view inspiring photo books made by Shutterfly customers. Life saver! Take a look at one of my favorites and learn why I love it.

Caribbean Vacation – here’s why I can’t get enough of this vacation book (and will leverage the author’s ideas for my own). Colors, collages, and journaling.

The first page is a show stopper. Notice how the photo book maker uses a balanced collage format (you can find this in the 5+ layouts), and places an itinerary list over the center image. Yes, you can do that with the All New Custom Path – move and size text, images and embellishments any way you want! The collage and the words work together to give you an enticing introduction to the journey.

Now for pages 14 and 15. These work beautifully for several reasons. Notice how the creator contrasts the aqua blue text against the butter yellow background. Not only does it make the text easy to read, it also reminds you of summer, water and warmth. The color combination is unexpected and delightful.

These pages’ text/photo combinations work well together, too. The copy is divided into three digestible paragraphs spaced far apart, so the reader feels invited rather than overwhelmed. The paragraphs are also neatly integrated into the layouts so they complement the images rather than detract from them.

I love how the author uses white text against the aqua colored photo on page 14. Magazine worthy! By the way, the story itself is full of moment-to-moment details that make me feel like I’m on a virtual vacation.

Lastly, those yellow and blue backgrounds make the book look fresh, alive and accessible. You can easily choose your own backgrounds too, by clicking on the “Get more backgrounds” link after going to the backgrounds tab.

Check out the book here and see for yourself.

One last note. The All New Custom Path Share site is temporary – but we’re working on a permanent solution which will allow everyone to post their photo books to our Shutterfly Photo Book Gallery. Stay tuned!

What book from our All New Custom Path Share site inspires you? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. Joey says

    I can’t wait to get going on my next book! I love the share page with everyone’s books. It’s great to get ideas and see what all can be done!! This is a great article filled with helpful tips!!

  2. says

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. The new custom path is simply amazing and easy to use. I cant wait to see where Shutterfly takes it as I can see endless possibilities for creativity as New Custom Path grows and changes.

  3. BarbaraJ says

    The colors in this book are just beautiful. It is a great idea to look at your photos and see what background colors will look the best. Love this article and Ihave enjoyed making the new custom path books.

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