What you need to know about Custom Path

I’m addicted to the All New Custom Path, and I’m not alone. My Shutterfly colleagues and I ooh and aah over all the new photo books we’re making, because they look so good. And just like you, we love the new features like moving and resizing photos, the time-saving Autofill tool, adding text anywhere, using photos as backgrounds, and adding stickers and embellishments.

We also realize you may have questions or concerns about what happens to Classic Custom Path. Here’s the latest news.

Can I make a new photo book in Classic Custom Path?
Yes, you can create new photo books in Classic Custom Path  through January 2012.

Can I edit my saved photo books created with Classic Custom Path?
Yes, you can edit your saved Classic Custom Path photo books through January 2012. After January 2012, you will be able to view and order Classic Custom Path photo books, but you will not be able to edit them.

Can I convert my Classic Custom Path photo book to All New Custom Path?
No. However, you can save pictures from your Classic Custom Path photo book into an album and use them in an All New Custom Path photo book. Simply go to the Storyboard™ tool in Classic Custom Path and select the “Copy pictures to album” link at the bottom of the page.

Get started on an All New Custom Path photo book
Learn more about the difference between Classic Custom Path and All New Custom Path.


  1. Joey says

    Great tips and I am so excited about the new Custom Path. So much fun to work wth and i have heard from a few friends in my area who are THRILLED with the news!
    I didn’t realize one could still make an ‘old’ custom path until January 2012.
    Speaking of, i need to make a book soon!
    I think people will really be excited about this!

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Rachel, this is perfect, in fact I have already send several links out to different ones tying the Custom Path.. I love it and so…………… excited we have this for our Shutterfly Community and of course myself!

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