Decoupage Photo Display

If you’re like me, you’ve grown tired of the school pictures hanging in basic frames up and down your hallway. Chances are your kids would prefer you remove them too, especially if they’ve reached the pre-teen or teenage years. Instead of those staged school pictures, choose your favorite snapshots and turn them into cherished keepsakes using this method.

If you like this project you can see more photos of the completed pieces as well as instructions for creating your own distressed plaques here – Decoupage Family Photo Plaques. If you are interested in the sign above the photos, you can get the instructions for making your own Wooden Letter Family Sign here.


Photos printed on photo paper
Decoupage medium (Mod Podge)
Wooden plaques
Soft paintbrush
Sandpaper, if needed
Picture hangers


I chose to order black and white prints of my snapshots. You can certainly do yours in color, or if you are familiar with photo editing software, you can add effects, change them to a vintage feel or even go sepia. Totally up to you!

To begin, check your wooden plaques. If there are any rough edges, go ahead and sand them. Be sure to dust them off with a soft brush before continuing to the next step.

Use a hammer to attach your picture hangers to the back of your plaques if they don’t already have them.

Because mine have a more rustic feel, I tore the edges of all of my photographs. This step is optional of course. Paint on an even layer of decoupage medium onto the back of the photo. Place the photo on to the plaque.

While holding the photo in place with one hand, firmly but gently rub your other hand across the photo to be sure there are no air bubbles. Let this dry for about 20 minutes first – THEN add a coat of decoupage medium over the top of the entire surface. Use even strokes and it’s best to paint with the wood grain. Be sure to allow your photo plaques to dry completely before hanging them.

Tip: Before hanging on the wall, lay all your plaques out on the table or floor. Arrange and rearrange until you have settled on placement. Before moving the pictures, snap a picture with your digital camera or camera phone. Now start hanging your pictures on the wall using the photo you just took as your guide!

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  1. Joey says

    i knew even before I opened this article that it was from you. I love reading about your craft projects. We used to decoupage in school and I really liked it. Yours is so fun to use with favorite snapshots and looks great on the wall.’
    Great article!

  2. says

    I love how your wall turned out with the kids pics!! Great job!!… These would be so cute in colors in a baby’s room too…as they are growing up!!

  3. craftsbyamanda says

    Thanks so much for your kind words everyone! Glad you enjoyed the post and hope you try the project :)

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