A Memorable Pumpkin Patch Photo Book

Many families are preparing for their annual visit to the pumpkin patch so they can pick out the roundest, biggest or most perfect pumpkin. It can be an all day event at the farm with hay rides and even haunted houses. If you’re like my family, it starts in the morning at the farm and runs into the evening at home, arranging the finished jack-o-lanterns.

Whether this is your first or fifth pumpkin patch visit, I thought I would share some photography tips for making a memorable pumpkin patch photo book.

The first thing to think about is what to wear. Try finding colors that complement orange and green. You want the pumpkins and the surroundings to be backdrops for your children and family. Blues or reds are always good choices.

After taking about three shots of your child in front of the pumpkin, you probably realize it’s pretty much the same shot with different sized pumpkins.  This is where you can get creative. Vary your perspective. Get down low. You are much taller than your child, so if you can get low or put your child up high on a haystack your child won’t be looking up at you all the time. You can also shoot the scenery from various angles. It will make your book interesting and not feel like the same space over and over.

Don’t forget to shoot the details. Get close to your subject, whether it is your baby or a pumpkin, and get that shot of the twisty stem and the not-so-green ones and, of course, the hug your child gives to the biggest pumpkin.

I don’t know how many events I have been to where I am always taking the photos and when we get them home, it looks like I wasn’t even there. So don’t be shy—ask someone to take a photo of your family. You can also share the picture-taking tasks with your partner.

When putting your photo book together, it can be as simple as one picture per page or a detailed account of each moment of the day. Either way, you will have many great shots for your pumpkin patch story.


  1. says

    I have started snapping a self-photo at each event I head out to with my camera. Then I can prove that the photographer was Mommy and I was there too. Our pumpkin farm trip was so much fun. My new idea this year was to getting my kids together eating their treat of the day. My youngest had a caramel apple with m&ms, and the other two had pie. The photos came out great of the three of them sitting side by side on the picnic table with their orange Halloween tee shirts on….

  2. says

    How surprised was I to see my granddaughter Kyleigh up there in this article. We just recently went back to that same pumpkin patch and it was even more fun. I hope to have a collection of pumpkin patch books for her as she gets older. Maybe when she is older I can create something unique for her to do while there. I don’t think you can go wrong with taking pictures at the pumpkin patch. Because she’s so young we just let her run and decide what to look at next. I got down on her level and took pictures, only occassionally did I call her name, I was looking for her own reactions. I just love it!!

  3. Tiffany M says

    I took your advice… and made a book of our pumpkin trip! However, my son wasn’t exactly participating with the photo ops so I did the best I could (he’s two). Love your examples too… great colors and photos!

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