New Shutterfly Birthday Cards

When my friend’s cousin Anna turned 8, she and her friends were into “dress up” and Anna was eager to throw a Princess Party. Of course, that meant everything from the invitations, decorations, cake and party favors had to be pink and pretty.

Choosing that perfect invitation to set the stage can be a challenge, but we hope our new birthday card designs will make the process easier. Our recently launched collection incorporates innovative themes and concepts, as well as unique layouts to highlight the photography of the birthday girl or boy.

Here are some of my favorites.

Baby’s 1st Birthday:
This is a special milestone in a baby’s life. These designs not only showcase the photography but also highlight a little one’s first year of life.

Kid’s Birthday Invitations:
Your child wants to have a say in what his or her birthday theme will be. We have developed a large collection incorporating popular themes, as well as fun/bold color pairings to really set the stage for a good time.

Teen Birthday Invitations:
Being a teenager, you encounter several important milestones: turning 13 (you are now a teenager), sweet 16 (you can drive!), and turning 18 (you can vote!). Our new Teenage Birthday Collection highlights these special moments through fun innovative design, color and layout.

Adult Birthday Invitations:
Who says an adult birthday can’t be fun? One of my favorites features two photo spaces, where you can show a “way back when” and a “look at them now” image.

Birthday Greetings:

Lastly, our birthday greeting cards are perfect for sending birthday wishes to a friend. Include a photo or photos of the two of you. I promise, they will cherish this birthday card more than those generic cards you can find in your local drug store.



  1. Joey says

    How cute are those birthday invites. I love the one where n shows a picture of the child each month. Cute cute ideas. I am so in love with the Shutterfly cards. I love seeing who’s birthday, anniversary is coming up as I love to order Shutterfly cards. Even a card as simple as “I’m thinking of you”!

  2. BarbaraJ says

    We are so lucky to have Shutterfly work so hard to please their Shutterfly fans. I love these cards and will use them as I have in the past. Great article.

  3. says

    Love how the creative staff at Shutterfly keeps the designs fresh. I love the rock concert ticket. I wish you had that last year for my daughter’s rock and roll bash. Love the Star Wars themed card…would love to see Legos too…but with copyrights that might be a hard one to do.

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