Be The 5 Minute Photo Book Hero

How do I punctuate this year’s soccer season for parents and coaches? The answer just came to me. But first a little background.

My daughter began playing in a new soccer league this year, so I started off the season by creating a Shutterfly team Share site and it was super easy to do. I added a few pictures from the first practice on the team home page, then typed in the roster and game schedule. By the next game I was showered with praise and became an instant hit with coaches, kids and parents. Team parents also started adding photos to the Share site, which meant that we ended up with a really nice set of pictures.  And this brings me back to my question – how do I punctuate the end of the season? Here’s the answer.

When I view the collection of pictures on our team Share site, I see a preview of a pre-made photo book on the right side of the page under “see these pictures in a ready-made photo book”. I click on it and choose to make a few simple edits like a new cover photo, an updated title and the sports style background.  In less than 5 minutes, this book is basically done. I can order it just as is, but I may go the whole extra 5 minutes to add the team roster and some funny memories from the field (who go kicked in the shin and caused the game to stop, what two girls prefer wrestling to practicing, who scored the most goals…).

Either way, this is a really thoughtful gift for the two coaches at less than $20 – and I am sure other parents will want a copy too.


  1. rsheedy says

    What a great gift idea; I’m sure the coaches will love this! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season.

  2. Joey says

    I love the photo of all the soccer balls. These sports books are so perfect for coaches and using the new Simple Path invention, it’s done in no time at all.
    Awesome way to celebrate the season!

  3. Tiffany M says

    Very cool gift for the coaches and so nice of you to set up the sharesite! Congrats on a successful season and making such a great memory book. I’ve been loving those quick “simple path” books… I made two books this week in less than 20 minutes! Such a time saver!

  4. says

    Coaches, teachers and anyone who works with large group of children for a period of time, I think this is a perfect gift to remember the whole “thing” from beginning to end. I can see how perfect going from share site to simple path would work out for an awesome book.

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