Disney’s best kept secret continued…

We just experienced another week of unforgettable family fun at Disneyland. This year, in addition to having a great time (as always), we challenged ourselves to find hidden Mickeys. Everyone was on point looking for that famous three-circle configuration.

Our handy Hidden Mickey Guide was often left at the bottom of the stroller while we hopped from ride to ride, but we were still able to spot many famous ears. After a week at the Disneyland Resort, our minds started turning everything into hidden Mickeys.

Here are some of our hidden Mickey finds.

The exit of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in Critter Country

A rock on the Rivers of America, Frontierland

Found on the wall inside of Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters in Tomorrowland

The building outside Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square

The eye of Mr.Toad in Mr.Toad’s Wild Ride, Fantasyland

We even fount them in California Adventure!

The carpet in Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant

The Redwood Creek Trail

If you find yourself in the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland or Disney World, take time out to look for those hidden Mickeys.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    How cute, I love this espcially with the kids in it. This would be fun for the entire family. Good article.

  2. Joey says

    I remember when you did this last year. What a fun adventure/game to do with your kids. I love all the hidden Mickeys!! Very Cute pictures of Alyssa and Tyler.
    Loved reading this Ann!!

  3. shannonr says

    this is great, I have been to Disney World several times but never knew about this. I will definitly be looking it up for our next visit. Sounds like a great family experience to all be on the same adventure, your pictures are great and i would have missed have of those, your family has great eys :)

  4. says

    Shannonr… You will have a great time with your family look for hidden Mickeys. I cant wait to take my family to Disney World some day. Have a great time. I know you will.

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