5 Inspiring Photo Book Layouts

Pictures are the hero of photo books, but a lot can also be done with layout. While perusing the All New Custom Path Share Site, I came across some clever ways customers are designing their pages to emphasize certain images. Check out five of my favorites:

1. Silhouettes – A photo strip of silhouettes captures the playful personalities of a group of kids.

2. Faded background – Using photo as the faded background and placing a portion of  the original image on top, a few good men stand out in a crowded shot.

3. Cooking collage – The secrets of a delicious family recipe spill across a two-page spread that acts as a visual baking guide.

4. Pop art – An image of a child becomes Andy Warhol-inspired pop art when the picture is duplicated four times with color variation.

5. Photo frame – Not all family snapshots become the holiday card, but images left on the cutting room floor make a great frame for a photo book page.

What are your favorite All New Custom Path layouts? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. Joey says

    I am so glad you shared this article. I learned some new layouts to try for my next book. I love love the kids silhoutes when i saw that in their book. So clever and the layout is perfect. All of these layouts are so much fun and inspire me on what all can be done!
    YAY Shutterfly!
    I’m having a blast with all the new layouts – just seeing what is available. I like the flexibility we have to change them up a little by making them bigger or smaller. Or ‘designing’ our own layout.

  2. shannonr says

    wow so glad i read this article, the examples you provided are excellent! There is so much one can do with these new layouts and formats it is skies the limits. Your first 2 pictures are outstanding examples.

  3. says

    Fantastic! These are truly inspiring ideas. I’m about to jump into my son’s third year book — just in time to try out the new Custom Path. I’m giddy with nervous excitement! Thanks for these great layout suggestions. Keep them coming!

  4. Earl J says

    I like the ideas you have given us, and I also like that they are both practical and a lot of fun.

  5. lemaire26 says

    Great article and wonderful examples of all the creative ways to use the new Custom Path features! YEAH SHUTTERFLY! You all just keep giving us more and more great ways to share our family memories!

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