My ten minute summer photo book

Every summer I look forward to my annual high school reunion trip. I grew up in Southern California, but now live in San Francisco, and every August my friends and I all meet up and go out to Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles.

The pictures we take during the weekend aren’t particularly “good” by photography standards. Most of them are quick candid shots of the activities we are doing, and most are taken with point and shoot cameras. However, having all our memories bound in one photo book vs. just an email share or prints is special and always makes me smile. I love looking back on it later in the year.

After this year’s trip, I wanted to get the book out to friends quickly, so I used our new Simple Path creation experience.  After my friends shared their pictures with me, I reviewed the group of about 50 photos, did a bit of cropping and editing, and voila, Shutterfly showed me a ready-made book.  I changed the cover and design to match my beachy photos and I was done.  The entire process took about ten minutes including editing and order time. I ordered a copy for myself and shared the book out to the group – it was a total hit and all my friends were impressed.  It definitely made me look like the most creative, organized person in the group…and when it comes to reunions, who doesn’t want to look good?


  1. Joey says

    Love this and I so agree that photobooks are so much better than sharing via email, or facebook etc. These Simple Path books are so exciting and this is a perfect way to use it and I’m sure you do look very organized to your friends. Because you are!
    Way to go!

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