I love All New Custom Path idea pages

Idea pages will make you look like a design genius with just one click.

I’m in love with the All New Custom Path because it lets me make make my photo books exactly the way I want. I can move and re-size text and photos, add fun embellishments, and choose from an amazing selection of backgrounds and layouts so that my book looks special – like no one else’s.

I’ve completed my sixth All New Custom Path book (did I mention I’m addicted?), and with this latest one I’ve discovered an incredibly useful tool. Idea pages.

What? You haven’t tried idea pages? Stop right there! Don’t edit another page in your photo book until I introduce you to this brilliant resource.

Idea pages are fully designed with beautiful embellishments, perfectly placed text samples, and playful layouts. They give you a unique creative look without all the fuss. You can use them as-is or add tweaks of your own. And here’s why you’ll love with them. They will make you look like a design genius with one click.

Here’s how.

1. Start – begin making your All New Custom Path photo book

2. Select your idea page – after your photos are in place, go to the “Idea Pages” tab on the left side of your screen and click the idea page of your choice

3. Transform your page – your photo book page will immediately transform into that design. Instant genius!

Added bonus tips.

Tip 1 – if you want a wider selection of idea pages, click on the “Get More Idea Pages” link and add as many as you want to your list

Tip 2 –  to save time, make sure you choose an idea page with the same amount of photos that are in your photo book page


  1. Earl J says

    I have to agree with you — the improvements in the All New Custom Path are amazing and so helpful. Instead of the hours I use to spend trying to work with the templates provided and not finding just the right one, I can now take things into my own hands and create the layout of my choice easily. The finished pages sure look good, too.

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Rachel, this is just amazing. I think the Shutterfly team did a wonderful job on the New Custom Path books. I have even uploaded some of my favorite background papers as jpgs to use. So much fun!!!

  3. Joey says

    LOVE all the fun new features to the all new Custom Path books. I think I may put a book together of my 25th reunion. I tried to get everyone but it was a little hard to do so.

    The ANCP books are a favorite and a total addiction

  4. shannonr says

    the versatility of these new book are amazing! I am having so much fun creating a story with each page.

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