My top 5 Idea Pages

If you’re an All New Custom Path photo book maker, you’ve probably discovered one of my favorite features, the Idea Page. How can we NOT love Idea Pages? They make us look like creative geniuses with just one click!

My Top 5

My five favorite Idea Pages have one thing in common, a natural organic look, which I think is perfect for capturing summer outdoor activities like fun at the beach and beautiful nature walks. I’m loving their style because they feel created and handmade rather than copied. Although these are in the “Father’s Day” Idea Page category, you can make them work for any occasion (like summer fun!). I made slight adjustments to mine so I could tell the story of our weekend nature walk.

1. Wise Guy

I love the painted background and handmade looking header

2. Dedication

The organic textures and embellishments look like they took hours to create. Can we say two clicks?

3. Love You Because

Perfect for showcasing a series of photos. And again, that layered earthy background looks handmade and personal

4. Dad Always Says

This one doesn’t even need a photo because the background’s rich color makes the page. I also love the perfectly placed text box

5. Outdoorsman

Like the other top 5 examples, this one was tweaked…just a little. And it took a minute tops. Notice my brilliantly placed tree? That was me. The rest was Shutterfly genius

What are your current Idea Page favorites? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    I’m back to look at these again. I want to use the backgrounds on a book. Love this article. GO GIRL!

  2. says

    I just love the blue and white painted back ground. I would love to see Shutterfly offer more of those types of pages. Also the rich browns and earth tones make for wonderful pages for outdoor type of photos too.

  3. Joey says

    I remember when Ann used the blue and white painted background for her cover, I asked if thats a digi page and she said nope its an ANCP page found in Father’s Day. I like the edgy feel it gives off. I really like the other pages you showed us. A great collection & article!

  4. says

    I am all about using TEXT as embellishment. I love that the NEW CUSTOM PATH allows you to not only move text around, but also use multiple fonts and sizes as well as rotate. There’s really not much you can’t do with text on the new CP program. I love it. I also love that CP allows you to use a photo of your own for the background of a page. I’ve found myself as you’ve been doing, taking pictures of brick walls, park benches, marquees and then using them as the paper or backgrounds to get the same ORGANIC or natural look. The fading option also helps to antique some of the more bold textures. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

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