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by Tiffany M Posted on July 01, 2011

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Last week marked our fourth annual family road trip, and I am ready to capture it in a photo book. I make my road trip photo books every year, and use the same format every time (we travel to the same destination too!). Only the pictures change. I love looking through these books and noticing the small differences from year to year – how the house changes, the kids grow, and the adventures develop.

Volume I – Brayden’s First Roadtrip

Volume II – Annual Roadtrip

Volume III – Another Family Vacation

This year’s installment will be “Christian’s First Road Trip”, featuring our 7 month old. There are a lot of annual books in the our Shutterfly Gallery, like Father’s Day, baby’s first year, vacations, and Year In Review. Even wine stomping books (Wine Stomp part I and Wine Stomp part II). I love making the same book every year. The book is the same but the adventure is different. I can’t wait for Volume IV!



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  1. Joey Says:

    This is such a great idea Tiffany to make books of your annual trips. Its fun to look back and see how much Brayden has grown and now you can start this tradition with Christian. I can’t wait to see your newest book!

  2. Earl J Says:

    Very creative, and I gather most or all of your Road Trip are in Michigan. I grew up there but left after college.

    I like that you keep the same format for each book.

  3. AnnAbbott Says:

    Great job keeping up with the annual books! I am doing annual books of our Disneyland trips over the years. I am just about as excited to work on the annual book as planning and going on the trip! Brayden has grown up…what a handsome little man!

  4. petiam Says:

    I have not made an annual trip book before ( I always lumped the trip into a year in review book), but this is a great idea – makes the trip that much more special. I will surely use your idea for our next annual event. Thanks for the tips.

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