My top summer party ideas

Today I found two perfect ideas for my annual summer backyard party. Trouble is, I’m so in love with both of them that I’m not sure which to choose. Maybe you can help me.

Idea 1: Picnic Party

The invitation

For inspiration I started with Shutterfly’s Picnic Basket Summer Invitation. I love the bright colors and nostalgic retro look, plus the idea of having a picnic in my very own backyard appeals to me. It’s sort of like camping on the front lawn. Remember doing that?

The party

Then I came across these cool summer picnic party ideas from Hostess With The Mostess. I can’t get enough of those watermelon planters and watermelon seed balloons.

Idea 2: Ice Cream Social

The invitation

I have to admit that I didn’t start with the invitation first. I just love ice cream. Luckily, Shutterfly’s Popsicle Party Summer Invitation fits right in with my theme. The versatility of this card makes it easy to use, too. Depending on what text and photo I use, I can design it for either kids or adults.

The party

Then I found these yummy ice cream social ideas from Epicurious and I was hooked. Summer and ice cream go together, and who can resist a party starring everyone’s favorite dessert?

What do you think? Picnic or ice cream? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    I love the invitations and ideas! You are right, which one do I use! I need to send these to my kids they are both having summer parties. Love the ideas. Thanks Rachel.

  2. Joey says

    Oh my gosh. I love these ideas – makes me want to have a party. I love the idea of a picnic in your backyard and the invite is so CUTE – I also love the ice-cream one. TOO much FUN! Those ice-cream treats look divine – YUM! And how cute are the watermellon decors and foods. Awesome ideas!!

  3. says

    The watermelon theme party looked great. How about a summer time Festa Nacho Party… very easy and fun for all. Have all of the nacho toppings ready to go and have the guest make up their perfect plate! No cooking really…. :)

  4. kayb says

    These are ideas are fantastic! All the desserts at the end made me hungry for ice cream :) Hostess with the Mostess has some great ideas too!

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