Top 3 ways to beat the heat

If you and your family are wilting in the summer heat, we recommend enjoying cool activities indoors. Check out these out-of-the-sun family fun ideas.

1. Shopping, Arcades, and Pizza tells us not to stay cooped up at home just because it’s air conditioned. Get out there and find kid-friendly cool indoor spots (air conditioning included) like shopping, eating at a pizza joint, or romping at an indoor arcade.

2. Story time at your local library
Your local library is always air conditioned, and should have reading times where staff members or authors read a story. Your kids have a chance to interact with the story-teller and ask questions about the book. Plus you can relax and listen too. Or even read a good book of your own! Thanks for the great idea!

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3. Family photo book time
Yes, we give you permission to stay in your comfy air conditioned home so you can have quality photo book time with your family. Make a book about your summer and have the kids tell you what their favorite summer memories are. You can include their responses in the book, accompanied summer photos capturing those activiies. Everyone gets involved, and at the end of the day you have a special family keepsake.

How do you and your family beat the heat? Let us know by commenting on this article.


  1. petiam says

    Another great article, Rachel. Wonderful ideas to stay cool in the heat. I’m using tip 2 come this weekend…:)

  2. says

    Can you say “FOOD COURT” at the local mall? My kids love it! I dont know why…but it would be fun snapping pictures of all of the different foods and who orders what and why! What a great everyday moment….

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