Photo books & weddings – the perfect marriage

We’re getting married! These three words are some of the most special words any of us will hear in our whole lives, especially when coming from one of our friends or members of our family. When we learned this spring that our nephew was engaged, I couldn’t wait to pick up my camera and help document the special times along the journey to the wedding day. I knew that long after the wedding had passed, the pictures would remain to remind us all of the happy occasion. Thankfully, easy-to-make Shutterfly photo books are perfect gifts to give the bride and groom to remember this wonderful time in their lives.

Wedding Shower Photo Book
This book of Shannon and Warfield’s shower was the first one I made with the All New Custom Path. It was so fast and easy to use, I was hooked!

Wedding Guest Photo Book
I love the new trend of using photo books as guest books for weddings. Rhonda P. took her son Jason and his fiance Miranda out for an Engagement photo shoot and made this beautiful wedding guest book to use at their wedding (bring fine-tipped Sharpie markers for the guests to sign the book).

Bride Photo Book
I couldn’t wait to take Shannon out for a pre-bridal photo shoot. We had lots of fun going to different locatons and had plenty of time to get those special shots we wouldn’t have time to get on the wedding day. I used All New Custom Path again for her book. (This book also makes an awesome gift for the Mom and Grandma of the Bride!)

Wedding Day Photo Book
And last but not least, the Wedding Day! What better gift to give the bride and groom than a book commemorating their day? Here is the book I made for the happy couple:

And no pressure Shannon and Warfield, but I can’t wait to try out the cool new baby templates Shutterfly has one of these days. Just sayin’!


  1. BarbaraJ says

    Stacey, what a delightful article. You have some wonderful examples to share through your beautiful talent with photography and scrapbooking. Thank you again for sharing this with me and the Shutterfly community.

  2. petiam says

    Love your ideas. I always take many pictures at Bday parties & baby showers (even weddings) – what a great idea to put those in a book & give it as a gift. Brilliant!

  3. says

    Stacey this is wonderful. Love all of your ideas about keeping the memories alive. My favorite is the guest book. I wish I could have had something like this for my guest book. …something that they didnt have 20 years ago…. The guest book with photo graphs is so much more interesting to look at than a book with white pages and hand written names.

  4. Joey says

    This is a great article Stacey. I so love the idea of using photobooks as Guestbooks at the couple’s wedding. Gives it a more personal touch. Plus its fun seeing all the personal messages and pictures. Great tips. I like your little hint of a future baby at the end of your article!

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