5 Summer spots for carefree candids of your child

Lots of people toss photos that don’t have anyone looking at the camera, but I love these images — especially when they are of my children. Kids ham it up when they realize they are in front of the lens so embrace the candid moments when your youngster is oblivious to having his picture taken and go in for the shot!  Here are five places that serve as the perfect Summer backdrop for taking these artistic photos.

1. The Beach: Whether your child is wading in the tide, staring at a sea shell or constructing a sandcastle, the serenity of these moments make for stunning images.

2. The Car: Hop in the backseat when your family takes off on a road trip so you can get a good picture of your tot’s profile as he peers out the window.

3. The Fair: There’s nothing like roller coaster rides, carnival fare and game playing to keep your kid engaged. Capture these interactions on camera!

4. The Park: Follow your little one as he tears through an open field or climbs up a tree and take the action shots from an interesting angle.

5. The Campfire: Be it a bonfire or camp sing-a-long, the bright blaze of the natural flame can create an optimum situation for taking a silhouette shot.


  1. Earl J says

    The best shots of my new grandson, Maksim, were taken as you suggest. Your helps are good and easy to achieve.

  2. petiam says

    Heather, these are wonderful tips & so easily achievable – just have the camera ready!!!
    I agree with you, and think that sometimes these tell the story even better than a posed pic.
    Great blog & photos!

  3. BarbaraJ says

    Heather, you have some wonderful ideas! I love to take photos of children but I seam to need to have my camera ready!

  4. Joey says

    Heather I love these ideas and its so true that so many toss out or delete pictures where a child is not looking, but thats what i have grown to love about shooting my nieces and nephews is that they are sometimes oblivious to me taking their picture. Just playing, jumping in the lake, building sand castles etc. I tend to like those better then ones where everyone is looking. Great tips and article.

  5. says

    I agree and often find the funniest and best pics when I go back and look thru my UNUSED photos from a trip or just a fun shoot at home. I am tempted now, after reading this to go back on a treasure hunt thru infancy of my boy. I know there a hundreds yet to be discovered. Thanks!

  6. says

    These pictures are great to use in between the looking at the camera ones to tell your whole story in a photo book. I love taking photos of my kids in there own little world! I think I have done all of your suggestions. Wow :)

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