My 5 favorite travel photos

If someone asked me to describe a typical summer travel photo I’d think of sunsets on the beach or people posed in front of famous spots like the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls.

But when I looked through my vacation photos this afternoon I realized that the shots I loved most were the ones that told stories.

Here are my five favorite summer travel photos. They may not be perfect, but their stories pull me in.

1. My goofy niece – I love this one because I can picture what happened just before the shot was taken. I’ll bet my sister tried to get my niece to pose, but she was a little punchy (as always) and couldn’t resist pulling a face.

2. Enjoying cocktail hour – this is a favorite of mine because each person is in their own moment. My niece is loving her slushy and looking at the camera as an afterthought, Mom is enjoying her beer and laughing at who knows what, and Dad is reaching for his water and wishing the camera would point somewhere else.

3. Mother and son – I am in love with this image of my great grandmother and great uncle. It looks like they’re reacting to someone off camera, and their expressions are totally candid. I feel like I’m experiencing the moment with them even though it happened over eighty years ago.

4. Guys will be guys – my grandfather and his ship buddies are using bow ties as mustaches for this clownish portrait. It happened about seventy-five years ago, but the image’s playfulness makes me feel like it happened yesterday. I think I would really like these guys! My grandfather is in the top row, second from the right.

5. Canoeing with pipe – this one mystifies me. I can’t tell if Grandpa is taking himself seriously or making fun of himself as an outdoor adventurer. The pipe is strange and wonderful.

Do you have favorite summer vacation photos? Why do you love them? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    I love all these photos, priceless captures of moments in time. Great point taken. I have so many favorites also. Thank you for sharing. BJ

  2. petiam says

    Another great article on travel photos! Love your point of capturing those ‘in between’ moments – afterall, that’s when life happens!

  3. Joey says

    I love your summer captures and the ones that tell stories. I like the one of your niece being goofy, the one w/ your parents and niece is very cute – I like how you said you think your dad wanted you to point the camera in another direction. And the old photos are timeless and shows what a great time they had so many years ago. I love looking at old pictures of my family. They speak volumns.
    I think my favorite summer/vacation photos would have to be at the lakes where i capture the kids just being kids, playing in water, playing basketball and of course being goofy!

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