Capture a great summer shot of your kids

It’s summer time! The weather is warm and your kids are out of school. Whether you are traveling or hanging out at home, you can capture some beautiful images of your children. Try out our tips and get inspired by our examples (thanks to amateur photographer Mom Kate T. for our beautiful examples).

Look for unique angles – Get low, lay on the grass and take a shot looking up. Or, get high. Go to the playground and stand up on the play set and get a cool shot looking down on your kids.

Remove background – Your kids are small so let them be the focus of your image! Get close and zoom in on their beautiful faces.

Take photos daily – You never know what you’re going to capture. Take pictures of your kids playing, doing activities or just out and about. Candid shots often make the best photos!

Make it a game – Lots of kids love to be a ham for the camera so make it fun! Let them wear something ridiculous or come up with a funny phrase or word. Instead of “say cheese” — try out “abracadabra!” It’s unexpected and sure to provide some laughs for your lens!

Add props – Get them to pose with their favorite stuffed animals or your furry family members. You could use big letters to spell their name, add in flowers, big frames they can pose inside of, or any other fun toys.

Experiment – Try taking photos at different times of the day. See what early morning light looks like or late in the evening with the sunset. Shadows can create a neat photo — or try taking photos with the sun in the foreground or background.

Lastly — learn to use your camera and read your manual! Every camera has the ability to take great photos, so make sure you learn about all of the settings. (Check out this website with fabulous photos taken on the iPhone). Remember that the best camera is the one you always have with you!

Happy Photo Day!
Petite Lemon


  1. says

    The really key is to have the camera with you all of the time. I get some of my best kid shots in the evening after dinner when they are just playing in the back yard. Heading out to the local park is great too. Thanks for reminding me to remember to use early morning and late evening lighting. The last shot is wonderful.

  2. BarbaraJ says

    I agree with Ann, to have your camera handy is the best thing to do….but that is not always possible. My grandkids go no memmie not again. When I have them here at my house I often use my telephoto to take amazing shots. I love all your ideas. Great article.

  3. petiam says

    Wonderful ideas! I too strive to never miss a moment & always carry my camera with me. Love your ‘change the angle’ and ‘early morning’/’evening’ tips. Great blog!

  4. Joey says

    Excellent tips and pictures. I love the little boy and puppy in the last photo. I will have to check out the blog. I’m always taking pictures of my nieces and nephews. I also always have my camera with me. One just never knows what we’ll see!

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