My 5 favorite travel photo books

Travel means anything from planting a tent in your local campground to taking the grand European tour. Whatever the journey, capturing it in a photo book helps us relive the experience again and again. If you’re planning your travel photo book, check out my five favorites from our All New Custom Path photo book Gallery, and learn why I love them.

1. Caribbean Vacation
Caribbean Vacation is on my list because it show people experiencing their surroundings…strolls on the beach, shopping for turquoise jewelry, playing on the water slide, dancing in a club, gazing at the port of call. These engaging photos help me see the fun vacation details much more effectively than posed family portraits.

2. Spring Break 2011
What makes Spring Break 2011 so successful is the playful use of embellishments. “Gas Food and Lodging” signs, passport stamps, and “We’ve Arrived” notices make us feel like we’re along for the road trip.

3. Poland 2010
The striking photography against those classic black backgrounds make Poland 2010 a photo book and trip to remember. Earl lets us look at his subjects from unusual angles, and chooses unexpected subject matter, which heightens the sense that we’re traveling to an exciting new place.

4. Zoo Book
Joey’s Zoo Book is a favorite of mine because it gives proper respect to the summer day trip. Why should grand vacations have all the fun? You can find the strange and unusual, like this white tiger, in your own city zoo.

5. Coronado
The subject itself puts this one on my favorites list. Who would NOT love a photo book about San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado, backdrop for the comedy classic “Some Like It Hot”? But here’s why I really love it. The photo book maker pays attention to the colors in her photographs. She uses deep rich shades in her backgrounds to complement the grey sky, dark sand, and dark red roof of the hotel. No summer pinks yellows and blues. Smart thinking!

Do you have a favorite travel photo book in the All New Custom Path Gallery? Which one, and why do you love it? Let me know by commenting on this article


  1. Earl J says

    WOW and many thanks for including this book. But I’m confused because this is my Poland book of 2010, so it was not from the New Custom Path. I hope you’ll check out my favorite book in 2011, from the New Custom Path, called “The Beauty of Warsaw”.

  2. petiam says

    Actually, you already posted my favorite travel book from the ANCP – it is the ‘Coronado’ book. I love it for the same reasons – close attention to detail, thoughtful use of embellishments, the photos are amazing and tell the story beautifully. Love your other choices too. Great article!

  3. Joey says

    Great article Rachel. I loved seeing your top 5 travel books – and so cool my ZOO book made it on your list!! It was a fun day, an adventure down the road for the day!
    I know i have seen some of the other travel books you mentioned, but I’m not sure if i’ve seen them all.
    I love traveling through others travel books,

  4. says

    Thanks so much for using my book as one of your favorites. My family had such a great time in Coronado and I totally enjoyed learning how to use All New Custom Path making this book. I have to say it is one of my favorites in my collection.

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