My Top 3 Favorite Summer Activities

Big vacations in the summertime are awesome, but I also enjoy the simpler things in life that won’t hurt my wallet. Here are my top three favorite summer activities that you can enjoy in almost any weather. Hopefully by keeping up with the local news and doing a little online research, you can enjoy these activities, too.

1. County and State Fairs – There’s nothing that screams summer like County and State Fairs. The rides, the live performances, the happy crowds of people and yummy fried foods are what I love about these summer fairs and festivals. Everyone comes to the event with happy thoughts and a relaxed attitude.

2. Outdoor movies – I was always envious of the kids and families who got to see movies or TV shows in their local park. Last year, I finally fulfilled that summer fantasy with a few of my cousins as we watched Dirty Dancing at Union Square in downtown San Francisco. It wasn’t warm, but it was a night all of us will remember! We arrived a few hours early to reserve a spot, and brought snacks and blankets to keep us warm and well fed.

A few weeks later, we found out that the city of San Jose was hosting a movie night featuring my favorite childhood movie, The Goonies! There was even a scavenger hunt right before the movie where you could win awesome prizes!

Movie night in the park is a simple activity that brings smiles and laughs to people of all ages. Best of all…it’s FREE! Check your local paper or city’s website to see if your town hosts movie nights in a park near you.

3. Baseball – Take me out to the ballgame! There’s something about summer baseball that makes me smile. It could be because the weather in San Francisco is a little sunnier or because the number of kids increases during weeknight games. Either way, I like seeing people enjoy themselves at AT&T Park. I like to sit back, relax and enjoy the game! Whether you’re watching a little league or major league team, it’s always nice to participate in the competitive spirit.


  1. Joey says

    These are great summer-time things to do that won’t break your wallet and you don’t have to travel far. I like going to the ball games just to take pictures and be amongst the crowds. I like the movie night outdoors. There are so many things one can do in their own communities that generally don’t cost much. I enjoy the simple things as well.
    Great article!

  2. says

    Fairs, festivals and carnivals are the best… I agree! I havent tried and outdoor movie yet but I think my kids would love that. Also music in the parks! Fun!

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