5 Tips for looking good in travel photos

Does this photo situation sound familiar? You go on vacation and hope you look decent in the pictures that are taken of you. But when you get home and review them, you notice that you look fabulous in some, while others make you look not so great. Have no fear! Below are my top five tips on how to look good in travel photos.

1. Find your good side. Nobody has to know that you’ve been practicing your pose prior to your vacation. Simply set your camera on its timer setting and compare the photos taken with different body stances. Pay attention to how you position your face and body. Small adjustments to your stance and pose can make a big difference in your photos.

2. Avoid having your photo taken from an angle below you. This angle will make everything look bigger than it really is. Instead, have your picture taken at eye level or slightly higher.

3. Dressing in solid colors that work well with your skin tone can make you look slimmer. Avoid busy patterns like plaids, polka dots and stripes – they can be unflattering and distracting in the photo.

4. Recognize prime lighting. Avoid having your photo taken under the harsh sunlight during the middle of the day. We all know the “golden hours” before and after sunrise and sunset are the best to shoot in. Opt for smoother lighting that will create a nice soft glow in your pictures.

5. Keep your makeup simple. Having a natural look can make you look years younger and save you minutes of reapplying your makeup. I use a light moisturizer with SPF, mineral makeup that makes my skin feel airy, a little mascara and tinted lip balm. I never have to reapply and I feel comfortable all day.


  1. Joey says

    Great article Clarissa! I like these tips and they’ll come in handy. You are a natural beauty who doesn’t need any make-up; that helps a lot especially on a vacation where its hot. i like your idea of wearing solid colors.
    thanks for sharing. :)

  2. petiam says

    This is fantastic! I love your first tip- practicing/looking for your ‘best side’. Love your pics too. Awesome article!

  3. says

    Great tips… I also practice taking arm shots of myself because I am the one with the camera and everyone is having fun. I snap a few of myself her and there. Look for your face in the reflection of the lens and then work with the focus. I also found putting your sun glasses at the tip of your nose for these shots works out great showing off a great expression of fun too.

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