Fast-lane your summer travel photo book

How many times have you returned from a summer holiday with your camera full of photos, uploaded them to the computer and then promptly forgotten about them?

Does that sound like you? It has certainly happened to me. I just finished my Shutterfly travel photo book from 2006!

Yes, you heard me correctly. That was five years ago. I was so thrilled with how beautiful it looked I couldn’t believe it took me so long to swing into action and get the book uploaded. Being a digiscrapper I often put things aside for later because I want them to be perfect. So if this sounds like you, then here is a great tip to get your photos into print fast.

If your trip was a long time ago and you can’t remember specifics of the places you visited, go to the tourist website for that location. You’d be amazed at how it brings back all the memories by just reading about it. You’ll also find very useful journaling information there.

I digiscrapped my book, but took what I call, ‘The Fast Lane’. I made a simple template that I reused for every double page. At Scrapper’s Guide we have a Member’s Subscription called, Premier. This month’s theme is ‘Travel’. If you sign up for Premier you will receive 4 instructional videos, a travel kit by Susan Bartolini called, ‘Off We Go’ and a sixteen-page template album to scrap your travel photos. One of this month’s videos demonstrates how to create the ‘Fast Lane Travel Album’ from scratch.

Another way to fast-track your travel album is to use pre-designed templates. As a special gift for the ‘Picture More’ readers, click here to download two bonus template pages from our Travel photo book designed by Carol Gilmour.

You can also ‘Fast Lane’ your travel photo book using Shutterfly’s All New Custom Path. Find an idea page you love and use it for each major stop on your trip – a simple layout that can feature a large photo. Pair each idea page with a collage of photos related to that stop.

Before you know it, you’ll be in the fast lane to getting your summer travel photos into a Shutterfly Photo Book!


  1. Joey says

    What a great idea to go look up tourist information if you had forgotten all the details from not doing a book right away after your trip. I like that!
    I have a membership and i really need to get going on this.
    Thanks for the article Susie. Its never too late to do a photobook!

  2. says

    Love your themes for your travel digiscrap. I am not a digiscrapper, but am a huge fan of the new custom path. I love how Shutterfly allows you to upload and store MILLIONS of pictures and organizes them by date. It makes the “Putting Together” process so much easier. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. petiam says

    Fantastic idea to highlight a single photo of importance on one page and ‘finish the story’ on the next with multiples. This tip should work for anyone – simple path, custom path & scrapping. No more procrastination!
    Love your layouts! Great article!

  4. BarbaraJ says

    Great article and I do like the simple layouts. It would be good for my DC trip. Thank you for sharing, BarbaraJ

  5. lemaire26 says

    I do use your tip about using travel location websites to collect information about our destination and include them in our albums. I love including some of the history of the place along with the specific locations we visited. Definitely adds a little ‘something-something’ to the albums and really helps learn more about the places we have visited.

    I need to apply the use of templates more……….there are so many wonderful ones to choose from!

    Thanks for a great article!

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