How I make my best Disney photo book

After spending an incredible amount of time in the Happiest Place On Earth, I have figured out how and what photos to take for a great Disney photo book.

There are a lot of opportunities to take photos in Disneyland – meeting the characters, entering the main gate, standing in front of the famous castle – the challenge is not to let these be the only moments you capture. My secret? Take photos of the things you REALLY do all day at Disneyland: wait, walk, and eat. These are the heart and soul of the day.

For every Disney attraction we ride, I take pictures of the attraction itself, the sign, and the family waiting in line. Remember to use your surroundings as a backdrop to show off where you are, like the architecture, trees, plants or the ride itself. And don’t forget to hand the camera to someone else so they can take photos of you too.

If possible I take photos during the ride. This can mean a lot of things depending on the excitement factor of the ride and the parks rules. It can be snapping away as the gang climbs in and buckles up. It can mean standing and waiting in just the right spot as they spin or fly by. Or it can mean their reaction during the ride as you are sitting right next to them.

Now what do you do between the rides…walk, walk and walk. This is where you take the photos of your gang walking hand in hand, or Dad with the youngest on his shoulders, or the kid (who is way too big for the stroller) climbing in for a ride.

My favorite vacation photos are about eating. If you’re grabbing a quick treat, take photos of “before the ice cream” and “after the ice cream”. You’re sure to get cute messy faces.

Take photos at sit down dinners. Once again capture the sign, the architecture, and the menu. Take photos of everyone at the table before, during and after the food is served. Take photos of the food! If you ask nicely, your waiter will be happy to snap a picture of all of you together at the table.

Add a few pre-travel photos of your family packing, en-route and arriving at the hotel, and BAM! You have just completed a photo book of your family’s latest vacation. You don’t have to be a slave to your camera either. Just a few of these key shots and you can put the camera down and enjoy the trip.

What photos moments do you capture in your travels? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. Joey says

    I love that photo of Alyssa and Trinity. These are great tips Ann – think outside the box when shooting at Disney or any place like that. I love the Disney sucker and Tyler is super cute. I love love food pictures.
    During the summer we go to the lakes on the weekends as much as possible, so I try to capture the kids when they don’t realize i’m snapping. Or I try to capture different things that I may have otherwise not paid much attention too.
    Great article.

  2. petiam says

    Love love the angle in your ‘attraction’ photo!!! The lollypop too.
    Great tips for visiting DL, and I’ll be sure to use some of them on our next trip.

  3. Natalie says

    Good ideas, i love your pictures! Disney looks like so much fun!!!!!!!! One of these days I’ll get there!

  4. says

    I have to admit we go to Disneyland alot! I always want my photographs to have the magic of Disneyland. Disneyland has so many little details that make so special. That is what I try to focus on went I take a photo.

  5. BarbaraJ says

    You have the best of Disneyland. I love your photobooks and your love for your children is so sweet. Enjoy them and the fact you all love Disneyland!! Great article. bj

  6. says

    Ann thanks for the article, I know when i have been to places many many times I struggle to find picture to take because I think I have already took them. I love your ideas you have written in this article and will definitly be using them :)

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