Top 5 ways to celebrate your sports star

Is your child participating in sports this Fall? If so, chances are you’ll be doing some team entertaining. Below are my top 5 ideas for fun team activities.

1. Tailgate party
I love Disney Family Fun’s tailgate party, with DIY banners, car window painting, team games and fun snacks. Easy to put together and perfect for your little players.

2. Laser Tag
Laser tag is an active game for the young and young at heart, and will extend team spirit beyond the playing field. If you don’t have a laser tag facility in your area, classic tag is a great alternative.

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3. Parents vs. Kids match
After practice, extend the fun with a Parents vs. Kids game and pizza or tailgating afterwards.

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4. Pool Party
Take the team to a local swimming pool where they can stay active and enjoy the end of the warm season.

5. Local college game
If you live near a college or university, take your team to a game. Watching these accomplished players will surely inspire your team members, and after the game you can celebrate with pizza. Or have a tailgate party to get in the college game mood.

Don’t forget to take pictures!
Make sure to capture the event with your camera and post the photos to your team Share site. That way the whole gang can relive the occasion. You can also commemorate the event with a fun team photo book.

What activities does your child’s sports team enjoy? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. Joey says

    My niece Abby is very much into soccer and is so fun to watch and capture her little body running and the determination in her face, she is a true competitor. I have often thought of doing a book for her but i usually only make it to one game. :( My nephew Jack is into baseball and basketball. I love the books other community members make for coaches, i think that adds for a great personal touch.
    Fun article and there’s nothing i enjoy more than seeing little ones in sports.

  2. petiam says

    Great article! My kids are just old enough to start getting into sports, and I can’t wait to take those action photos of them. The Tailgate Party idea- awesome!

  3. says

    These are great ideas! I love the tail gate party. This could be a really fun birthday party idea at a park. Seems like you could do this one cheep and easy…which is good when it comes to kids parties.

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