My favorite youth sports photo books

As a mother of small boys I do a lot of wondering…wondering if they will grow up and be astronauts. Perhaps a rock star? Or a business man? My husband wants to think they will both be great football players. My boys are definitely built for it and come from a fanatic football family background.

With Fall around the corner my friends and neighbors are talking about football: new season, football helmets, coaches, football pictures, football practice and cheerleading. I can’t help but fast-forward a few years in my head to see what the future holds. Will my boys be football stars? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it’s definitely that time of year to pull out the bleacher seats, hand warmers and blankets and head out to the fields for an afternoon of little guys and girls, showing off their amazing abilities. Here are a few of my favorite football books to celebrate the season.

Football 2009 – great action photography

Jeffery Grad Present – awesome Scrapbook for “The Big Kids”

Luke Football 2009 – cool “Little Guys” (only because I can’t call them adorable when we’re talking about football)

2010 Cougar Cheer Photo Book – cheerleader cuteness

Let’s play some football!



  1. BarbaraJ says

    I love your article. That is so funny I was writing the same article for this next month. You did a great job and I like your choices. Hugs bj

  2. Joey says

    love this article Tiffany!! It does make one wonder what a little one will be when he or she grows up. I love watching my nephew play basketball and baseball – he isn’t much into football; although he loves watching the games on TV. Jack knows everyone, every play etc., it really is quite fascinating. I think he’d rather sit on the bleacher – he doesn’t like to get hurt or hurt anyone. LOL
    Abby is fun to watch play soccer. Her little body is full of athletic energy. I love the little sports books in gallery. They make me smile at their determination. I’ll have to check out these books. I know I have seen Cynthia’s cheerleading book of her daughter – that is so cute!! Great job!!

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