First day of school photo tips

Looking for a fun way to capture back to school shots this year? Take the pressure off of first day of school photos, by taking the kiddos over to the school property one evening, and snapping away. First days are frantic, emotional, rushed. This can make pictures hard to squeeze in. Separating the actual first day from picture day can make things so much easier and more fun too!

I love the idea of doing photo shoots on school property. Images so much more meaningful when school buildings are in the background. We all assume that school buildings will stand in place forever, but they do not. All of the buildings from my school days were flattened a few years ago to make room for new. I so wish I had images of myself as a young student with the buildings standing tall behind me.

Be sure to include the little details of the day as well, such as back packs and favorite shoes. Capturing the small stuff will keep school memories alive for years to come!

And if your kiddo has a very best friend, why not bring friends along as well! Capturing childhood friendships in images is so important.

So grab a bag of apples, pull out the first day of school attire and hit the school with camera ready to go!


  1. BarbaraJ says

    Jessie this is just a wonderful idea. You know girl, I think of the tacher, school room, school bus, but not the property at the school. Great idea! Great photos and a awesome article.

  2. Joey says

    Jessi, I love this idea. Our school started the 25th – I’d like to do this for my niece & nephew. Their sister starts preschool in a week and is so excited. Parents always capture their kids going off on the first day, but often times kids are nervous and the last thing they want is a picture taken. Sometimes it eases their stress too.
    I really like the idea of doing a picture with the school in the background. You are right, schools don’t last. My elementary school was torn down a few yrs ago to build a bigger Junior High. I’d give anything to have a picture of the school from back when we were youngsters. I can vividly see it in my mind!
    Great article Jessi!

  3. says

    These are great tips Jessi. I also took after school pictures this year. My kindergatener coming out with a smile and her name tag on. It was great seeing how proud she was of herself.

  4. petiam says

    Lovely photos in this article – very inspiring! I will surely use your tip to take some photos on school property next year, so I can have the buildings in the background…I agree that it is something to be remembered. Thank you for the wonderful article.

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