Share sites make school planning easy

It’s Back to School time again. After the carefree days of Summer, parents, teachers, and students are preparing for another school year. I know I am. The easiest part of planning for the new school year is setting up my Shutterfly Classroom Share Site. With a few clicks of my mouse, my site is cleaned up and ready for a new year. I wish setting up my classroom was that easy too!

It’s sad to remove all of the photos and information from my class last year, but revisiting those memories gets me excited about all of the new faces that will soon be coming through my classroom door and all that a new year has to offer.

Parents have been talking about my Share Site and are looking forward to staying connected to the classroom throughout the year. All of the important dates are on the calendar, and set up for emails to be sent to the parents as a friendly reminder. I am anxious to get all of the parents logged in as members so they can check the site as often as they wish. Soon, the First Day of School pictures will be taken, posted on our Share Site, and The Scoop on Us photo book will be made.

I’m looking forward to being able to have the parents use the Volunteer Sign-Up section for field trips, reading buddies, classroom assistance, as well as class donations. It certainly saves a lot of paper and time to be able to have this function right on our site. I learned last year that the parents are more willing to help when they know what you need.

Now that my Shutterfly Classroom Share Site is freshened up for a new year, I guess I need to arrange the desks, clean my bookshelves, and sharpen some pencils.

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy School Year!


  1. BarbaraJ says

    School days and kids are exactly what we are all involved in these days. This is a great article and thank you for sharing your ideas.

  2. Joey says

    Great article Diana and I know you are a wonderful, organized teacher. Teachers are special, like you are. Share Sites are indeed a great way to keep your classroom organized so parents can pop in and out. Would you be able to keep last years site by just creating a new site. Then you’d probably end up with too many share sites. I forget how many we are allowed to have.
    Have a great school year!

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