What’s your favorite school memory?

What’s your favorite school memory? A teacher? Recess? Good friends? Back to school shopping? Let us know by commenting on this article. And if you need a little inspiration to get you started, here are favorite school memories from other Shutterfly members.

Favorite school memories

I will never forget my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten and my son’s first day of 2nd grade. They were both so cute all dressed for school. I went into work a little late that day just so I could be there as they both met their new teachers and classmates. I thought my daughter would be nervous but once her teacher put her name tag on her shirt the first thing she said was…”Mom, you can go now!” I was heartbroken but so proud at the same time.

When elementary grades were K-6, I thought it was so cool when they let the 6th graders be the Cross Walk Guards! They would pick 2 students to be guards all week. You got to go to lunch early, because you had to be there to help the kids across the road when they went home for lunch. There was also a little gas station right next to where we stood guard and they sold candy. That was the time to make a major penny candy purchase! It was a long time ago so a penny went a long way.

I was home schooled, and in the fourth grade I remember learning about animals in science class. My parents hung butcher paper in the dining room, and as my brother and I would learn about the characteristics for each animal, we would write them on the paper and then cut out pictures from old magazines and glue them to the paper. By the end of the year, my mom had a massive art piece in the dining room. That was a fun project!

Twice a year the art institute I attended in my last two years of High school would take all the students on a sabbatical to gorgeous locations around the country. Other art schools did this too. All of a sudden a city would be flooded with hundreds of young artists – painting, drawing, being creative. It was such a communal experience. A simple “Oh I like how you did this!” turned into a dialogue and sharing began. This was a singular experience, and it was the best of times!

In fifth grade I met my best friend Laura. We came up with a very intricate system for writing and passing notes. We had code names so that if we were caught by our teacher he wouldn’t know who or what we were talking about. We hand crafted mailboxes and attached them to the side of our desks so when we got up in class we could easily deposit the notes for each other without drawing the teacher’s attention. Looking back now I am sure it wasn’t difficult to decipher our code and hand off methods, but we thought we were brilliant!


  1. Joey says

    Its so fun reading all these great memories from your school years. Natalie I so remember the passing notes in school – how clever about the mailboxes and its neat you and Laura are still best of friends.
    Kay, I never knew you were home-schooled. No wonder your mom is so smart and she taught you well!!
    I think one of my favorite school memories was when I was in grade school. Just having that freedom to bike to school when we were older, or walk. Walking home with schoolmates who lived in the same neighborhood was fun. Running away from a boy that liked me because i didn’t want ‘boy germs’! Things sure are different nowadays as far as letting kids walk to school unattended.
    I started to wear glasses in 5th grade. I hated wearing them, my teacher would always point to his eys as a signal to me to ‘put on your glasses’. My dad worked in the school district so I was a bit stubborn about glasses and he made sure my teacher told me. It did make it easier to see!! :)

  2. BarbaraJ says

    This is so much fun to read like Joey said. I love this article and all the precious memories of our Shutterfly Friends!!! Great article!

  3. says

    I loved back to school shopping with my mom! New clothes and picking out a new winter coat and boots for the cold Rochester, New York winters was the best!

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