Photo Book Ideas

Everyone has a story to tell. Find ideas and inspiration on how to tell yours. And if you have storytelling thoughts you want to share, we welcome you to post a comment.

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My endless summer on Shutterfly Gallery

by Rachel B

August 23, 2010

Another wave of gorgeous summer books just swam into Shutterfly Gallery…

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Ten shots that make a great baseball photo book

by Clarissa C

August 17, 2010

Creating photo books is one of my obsessions, but my favorites among them are my baseball photo books.

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Preserve you child’s art in a photo book

by Jessi Weithman

August 13, 2010

As a child, I loved creating art. Some of my fondest school memories were in the art classroom…

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Mom’s words of wisdom in a photo book

by Charmaine C

August 05, 2010

After spending Mother’s day with my family, I started getting that warm and fuzzy feeling inside about all the wonderful things my mother has done for me.

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Capture your child’s preschool days

by Rachel B

August 01, 2010

Capturing school memories isn’t limited to K through 12 – it also includes the preschool years.

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