Photo Book Ideas

Everyone has a story to tell. Find ideas and inspiration on how to tell yours. And if you have storytelling thoughts you want to share, we welcome you to post a comment.

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Celebrate December in a photo book

by Katie Pertiet

December 18, 2009

There is so much going on in December that it’s a challenge to capture all of the month’s memories.

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Turn one photo into many

by Katie Pertiet

December 10, 2009

Are you concerned that you don’t have enough pictures to make a photo book?

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My Stocking Stuffer Recipe

by Lara H

December 09, 2009

Looking to add a little spice to your holiday season or sweeten a holiday gathering?

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Choosing your best photo book path

by Kristin S

November 28, 2009

Okay, I admit it… I’m a rule maker. I impose a lot of rules for myself

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Top 3 Design tips for Digiscrapping

by Niki P

November 24, 2009

If you have sat in wonder, flipping through the beautiful pages of fellow Shutterfly members thinking “Wow!

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