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Whether you use a point-and-shoot camera or an advanced SLR, this is your place to find ideas on capturing big and small moments beautifully. We welcome your comments, too.

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Looking Thru Photography Tips

by Earl J

September 12, 2012

Over the years I’ve received a lot of good photographic advice and it has included Look Up, Look Down, Look Back and Look Thru when trying to take great photos out of good opportunities. In this blog I’m showing examples of “Looking Thru” and I will deal with other “Looks” in future blogs. The first […]

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Camera controls– Shutter Priority ———————————— In S/TV (time value) You set the shutter speed the camera sets the aperture. When shooting in shutter priority you control the way movement is captured in your pictures. Fast shutter speeds freeze motion. A fast shutter also helps ensure sharp pictures no matter how unsteady your grip on the […]

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Statue Photography

by Earl J

August 10, 2012

Back in the days of film, I remember taking photos of statues, mostly because it seemed “important” to do.

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Photo Classes – Manual Mode Lesson Four

by Connie E

August 05, 2012

There are three ways to control the amount of light recorded by your camera. By adjusting each of these three variables, your camera can make sure that every picture you take produces an image with the proper amount of light.

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When you shoot in Aperture Priority mode you set your aperture and your camera sets your aperture.

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