Photo Tips

Whether you use a point-and-shoot camera or an advanced SLR, this is your place to find ideas on capturing big and small moments beautifully. We welcome your comments, too.

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Get better photos during an active summer

by Deborah H

May 10, 2010

Summer photography means keeping up with the outdoor action, and action shots are the most difficult to captur

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You don’t have to compromise your photography when, for some reason, you are forced to “Travel Light”.

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capture those moments at home

by Rachel B

May 01, 2010

I love hanging around the house and partaking in home-based activities.

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My 5+ Tips for using a DSLR

by Henry B

April 27, 2010

In this article, I intend to give my top 5 (+) tips for getting the most from your DSLR.

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Making the jump to a DSLR camera will open up the world of photography in new and wonderful ways

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