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Where's my photo?
  1. JessClear Says:



    This book arrived just today and I am very pleased with it. I would have one suggestion to improve Shutterfly instructions on how to create a photo album. It’s understandable that you, as producers, want as fine a technical product as possible. This means high-resolution, digitally-perfect photography.

    But you also should understand your customers’ perspectives. Many if not most of us are creating memories for our youngsters that hopefully will endure for decades. To do this, obviously we have to resort to images captured in the 40’s, ’50’s and even earlier by polaroids, stills captured from old home movies, and even earlier technologies.

    We scan these photos, edit, contrast, color, sharpen, clone, and crop with digital photo editing programs as best as we can. Therefore we don’t appreciate what comes across as a faintly accusatory tone from Shutterfly that our pix suffer from “Too Low Resolution.” We are very aware of that … OUR priority is to capture and preserve these precious images captured in a much earlier era.

    If you would just acknowledge that priority upfront, trust me…. your customers will be delighted with their end product (as am I) — whatever the technical shortcomings which derive from antique photography
    Just a thought, Regards,
    (Chantileer Auctions & Web Design®)

  2. Rachel B Says:

    This is great feedback, and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to write this up. I’ll forward your thoughts to our photo book team.


    Rachel B.
    Shutterfly Community Manager

  3. kim Says:

    I have been an avid Shutterfly user for 3 years and I have been 100% satisfied with all products I’ve created and received. Whether it be photos, cards or photobooks, all of your products have been top quality. Today I received my fourth photobook in the mail. It was wonderful and I haven’t been able to put it down! The quality of the paper is fantastic and the colors and photos are extremely bright and vivid.

    I have a 2 year old son, and I have used the 12×12 photobooks to take us through his life, right from day 1. Each year I begin his new photobook with his birthday celebration. When the book is done, I be sure to have a copy at his birthday party for all to see. Everyone always looks forward to seeing the “year in review.”

    Thank you for making such a wonderful and easy to use website. It saves time and energy, and the final product is amazing.


  4. erikak Says:

    I recently made the switch over from another company that I was happy with only because of the Shutterfly offers of free 4×6 prints with various promos such as photobooks and site sharing.

    I am disappointed in the quality of 4×6 prints. The colors are faded and not true to the rich digital quality on the display screen. I am also disappointed in the quality of the photobook. This is our family’s 3rd album (the other two as I mentioned earlier from a different company) and this album’s binding split open after viewing only the 3rd page of a 20 page album. Also the print quality is less than impressive. Even the professional grade photo’s are not clear and very grainy.

    I’m afraid I am switching back to my other company. Although the promo’s of free prints are enticing, the quality of the prints and photobooks are less than desirable.

    I do have positive feedback on the shared site we created through Shutterfly. It is very appealing, with multiple layouts, completely user friendly, and my family and friends have been very satisfied with it. I love that we can all stay in touch and upload our entire albums, calendars, sporting events, teams, and family gatherings.

    To end on a good note, thank you for the website opportunity.

  5. nightingalephotography Says:

    I’m new to this community and am excited to be here. As a wedding photojournalist, I can’t stress enough to my clients, the importance of archival printing. Having a disc of digital files is not enough.
    Let me know what you think about my newest post:

    Thanks! Christina Hernandez, Nightingale Photography

  6. oaktownotter Says:

    Ready to quit shutterfly….
    slideshow/sharing for other non-members is clunky, not as described, and nearly useless.
    Anyone else had a better time w/it?
    I’m at my wit’s end w/this website and will now consider another host somewhere….picasa, etc.
    I’ve enjoyed shutterfly and find it easy to load, use and order….but this is an important part of what I want to do with my fotos….SHARE!
    If I can’t do that so the slideshow is functional then all bets are off.
    Have tried submitting questions….lemme know what anyone thinks…

  7. sandratima Says:

    Regarding shutterfly videos, I hated!!!!!

    I was a premium member of Motionbox, and there I had the option to use the mixer tool and edit all my videos and to purchase a DVD’s, also I could organize my videos in a folder, and upload any sizes, even a 1hour long.

    After shutterfly transfer all my 223 videos to the site, I am not able to do anything besides uploading, and I can’t upload videos bigger than 15 minutes.

    Could you tell me your plans for the site?

    I am stuck with shutterfly because I did not save my original videos in my computer, and I am not happy at all with the video site that shutterfly offer.

    I would like to know if shutterfly will give me in the future the option to edit and organize my videos. Can someone tell me?

    I appreciate your reply and consideration to me. I am an old client, and I loved the site and all improvements until now. I don’t want to pay for a premium account that will not offer any of the services that Motionbox did.
    I want to be able to:
    • organized in a folder’s
    • mixer and edit
    • upload any size video
    • Purchase than in DVD.

  8. maryk Says:

    oaktownotter… you are absolutely right! I have enjoyed being a member of Shutterfly for almost 10 years but have submitted numerous feedback regarding the slideshow/sharing options. It is certainly not user friendly for friends and family who are not familiar with Shutterfly. The slideshow captions are sometimes cut off (if over a certain number of characters) as well as superimposed over the number slide (ie, 2 of 200). If a viewer uses the other option of viewing the photos by clicking on the arrow to advance each picture, the captions on the right are not very visible. I would love to see a bold box displaying the captions.

    Philadelphia, PA

  9. annie Says:

    I waited until cyber Monday to order a book for my mother but couldn’t find any new coupons on the Shutterfly page. Three hours after I sent my order I realized I had a coupon code on my catalog. I phoned and they said they couldn’t help me. I emailed and they said use your code to buy something else. Brilliant! NOT! To add insult to injury, I got an email at 8 PM for a cyber Monday coupon. GRRRR!

    I find the customer service terribly lacking in such a competitive online photo market. I’ve been very happy with Kodak (puzzles, poster collages, albums) in the past. Maybe I’ll check out Snapfish. There are plenty of alternatives and companies and who value the customer more than this company.

  10. bhawryluk Says:

    I recently made a photo book on shutterfly because I had received a free offer from Similac, so I figured why not? So, I logged on, had a little bit of trouble getting photos to upload. After I got that done, it was on!

    I had a blast making my book, it took me hours…due to myself. There were so many options to choose from to make my book just right. When I was finally finished and submitted my order, I was so excited for it to arrive. It came a lot faster that I expected, and it was amazing! Way better than I had pictured in my head. I love it!!

    I take it everywhere with me and show it off. The prices are amazing and the product, even better! I can’t wait to make another one after the holidays!!!!

    We know you want a better quaff

  11. littlerooster Says:

    Shipping is the pits, I ordered something three weeks ago and said it should be here within a week and it is still not here. I hope the pictures are good or I will be no longer using shutterfly. A friend of mine waited over a month for Christmas Cards.. So she had to hand them out after new years.

  12. littlerooster Says:

    One promo code was that if you have an order of 40 then you can have free shipping, but I purchased a prepaid package and then it doesn’t work. :(