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A Love-ly Pose

by Lindsay

February 01, 2013

You might not think Groundhog Day could be the inspiration for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot. But, inspired by several great shadow photos (including this family pose) on Pinterest, we came up with a romantic pose that is perfect for the holiday. Capturing this photo requires a bit of advance planning – you’ll need sunshine, to […]

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We’ve had digital scrapbooking options available in our photo books for quite some time (check out our All New Custom Path), but now we’ve added a new style to make it even easier to collect your digital scrapbooking into one amazing photo book. We designed our all-new DigiScrap Style with the ultimate digital scrapbooker in […]

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Photo Classes – Manual Mode Lesson Four

by Connie E

August 05, 2012

There are three ways to control the amount of light recorded by your camera. By adjusting each of these three variables, your camera can make sure that every picture you take produces an image with the proper amount of light.

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When you shoot in Aperture Priority mode you set your aperture and your camera sets your aperture.

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Two Pages, One Photo!

by Shruti Goradia

June 25, 2012

Make a big bold statement with your favorite photo.

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