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Looking Back Photography Tips

by Earl J

March 26, 2013

Shutterfly Guru Earl shares his photography tips for looking back while on your next photo shoot.

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Camera controls– Shutter Priority ———————————— In S/TV (time value) You set the shutter speed the camera sets the aperture. When shooting in shutter priority you control the way movement is captured in your pictures. Fast shutter speeds freeze motion. A fast shutter also helps ensure sharp pictures no matter how unsteady your grip on the […]

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The ABCs of Photographing Toddlers

by Leila S

February 22, 2012

Tips and tricks to overcome the challenges of capturing beautiful photographs of toddlers.

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Flower Photo Tips

by Henry B

May 18, 2009

I’m Henry Barbe and I’m retired which means that I spend my time mostly doing what I like. I’ve been a photography hobbyist

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