Looking Down Photography Tips

Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia

It’s so easy to take good pictures with our digital cameras that, if not watchful, we will settle for good, rather than great, photography. In this post I’d like to share some of my photos with you and show you how Looking Down can improve your pictures. The first two photos captured what I saw […]

Instagram Roundup


We’re introducing a new weekly feature on the Shutterfly blog called Instagram Roundup featuring our top 10 favorite pictures we found on Instagram this week. Sticking with the Valentine’s Day theme we searched the hashtag #hearts and found our favorite images. Enjoy! 1. Ceramic Love Hearts from @gingerdiane 2. Playdoh Hearts from @kylefitchhh 3. Sticky […]

A Love-ly Pose


You might not think Groundhog Day could be the inspiration for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot. But, inspired by several great shadow photos (including this family pose) on Pinterest, we came up with a romantic pose that is perfect for the holiday. Capturing this photo requires a bit of advance planning – you’ll need sunshine, to […]