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Photo Classes – Program Mode Lesson Two

by Connie E

August 03, 2012

In Program mode your camera will set the aperture and shutter speed. You control your ISO, exposure compensation and other settings.

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DIY Photo Card for Dad

by Shruti Goradia

July 31, 2012

A great DIY Father’s Day card with a custom photo shoot with the kids. Would work great for Dad’s Birthday too!

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Precious Moments Seen In Fatherhood

by megan.rosker

July 05, 2012

Using your camera to capture the most precious moments seen in fatherhood.

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The Golden Gate Bridge Celebrates 75 Years

by Julie Vazquez

May 31, 2012

Crowd sourced photos of the iconic bridge.

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Building community with photos

by Lara H

December 07, 2010

It’s well into the school year and I was reflecting on how photo sharing has helped to help build community and connections

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